Shock: BIA Makes Shocking Claims About Cardi B, Marriage to Offset in New Diss Track

In a track titled, ‘SUE MEEE?,’ BIA made strong claims about the ‘WAP’ rapper.

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We guess beef season will never end because as soon as one beef is squashed, another one arises instantly. The latest beef is the growing feud between Cardi B and BIA, which turned up a new level over the weekend.

Rumors of their beef began last Friday, as fans began to wonder if Cardi took shots at BIA on the “Wanna Be (Remix).”

On the track, Cardi raps, “Guess I’m a teacher since you wanna sub me/She did one had no idea, thought she was on the shelf IKEA/Hope she talk like that when I see her/ Bitch please don’t nobody wanna be ya.”

(Notice how the last line sounds like she’s calling out BIA).

GloRilla – Wanna Be (Remix) (feat. Megan Thee Stallion & Cardi B) (Official Audio)
On Saturday, Cardi took her issues with BIA to Instagram Live, where she went in depth for nearly 30 minutes on her problems with the “WHOLE LOTTA MONEY” rapper.

During the live, Cardi shared that she spoke with BIA on the phone to squash their beef, which clearly did not work.

Cardi shared, “The conversation started very nasty. It started very aggressive. I was coming at her, and she was coming at me. But then I called her back because…I’m so appalled at the fact that she thinks I’m copying her, or stealing from her, ‘cus there’s nothing that she do that I like. I don’t like her music, I don’t like her style…I don’t even see the bitch.”

Cardi B later added, “I will put the conversations up…We ended up the conversation very nicely, and you still went to the internet dissing me…After the conversation, you went and you started saying I copied your music video…Then you going around lying about my pussy to my man’s boys and shit. What?…When I called her on the phone I wanted clarity, and that’s exactly what we got.”

These words didn’t scare BIA. She also took to Instagram Live hours later on Saturday night, previewing a diss track aimed at Cardi.

On Sunday, she officially released the song, titled, “SUE MEEE?” For the cover art, BIA used a post in which Offset claimed that Cardi B cheated on him.

In the track, BIA claims that Offset cheated on her inside the home they lived in together and added that the surgery she’s had on her body is “mid.”

Bia Responds to Cardi B's Recent Jabs With a New Diss Track

BIA added on the track, “I be damned I let a n***a f**k a b***h inside my house/Your money long and you split that your n****s saying that’s ours/Put her ass in the ground ‘til she had to give me my flowers/I was up in the Bronx and they said I’m good in the towers.”

Will Cardi B respond? Are we in for another lengthy rap battle? Only time will tell.

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