Cardi B Feels Ashamed of Her Past as a Strιpper: “I Used to Cry After Work, Thinking My Parents Would Be Disappointed”

Before rising to fame as a rapper, Cardi B had a challenging past where she worked as a stripper. In a candid interview back in 2018, she opened up about her past, expressing the shame she felt at the time: “I was really ashamed back then, mostly because of my job as a stripper. Even now, I remember the humiliation from those early months. Back then, after work, I would just cry, thinking about how disappointed my parents would be when they found out I was doing this.”

Despite facing numerous hardships, Cardi B has become a Hollywood superstar. She takes immense pride in her music career and the journey she made from humble beginnings. However, her past as a stripper still holds a significant emotional weight for her. For the female rapper, her current life appears to be a fairytale, where she gets to play the role of a princess.

These days, Crazy Horse nightclub and the profession of stripping have garnered intense interest from K-pop fans due to Lisa’s three consecutive performances at the venue. The BLACKPINK member’s appearance at the club has stirred up a heated debate on social media. Fans from Korea and China have expressed strong opposition to Lisa’s performances, showing their deep disappointment and even criticizing her for going against “women’s rights” and tarnishing BLACKPINK’s image.

However, amidst the negative opinions, some fans believe that Lisa, being close to the age of 30, has the right to decide her personal career path. Her performance at Crazy Horse, accompanied by her mother, her wealthy boyfriend, and her family’s support, along with the presence of three BLACKPINK members, showcases a well-rounded picture of her life. Outside the nightclub, many devoted fans eagerly await the chance to meet their idol.

Views on stripping vary significantly; Cardi B experienced shame due to her challenging past. On the other hand, it’s considered a form of entertainment for the elite. Lisa, confronted with public criticism, seems unbothered as she shares pictures from Crazy Horse, appearing indifferent to the negative comments circulating on social media.

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