Travis Kelce set to unveil Kelce Music Jam Festival lineup: Will Taylor Swift be performing?

Kansas City Chiefs’ powerhouse tight end, Travis Kelce, is revving up excitement for his upcoming Kelce Jam music festival, slated for May 18 in Kansas City. Kelce recently took to his Kelce Jam Instagram page, throwing down a challenge to fans: garner over 5,000 likes on a post, and he’d spill the beans on the festival’s lineup. It didn’t take long for the post to hit the mark, triggering a frenzy of anticipation among followers.

True to his word, Kelce confirmed in a comment beneath the post: “IT’S HAPPENING, LINEUP DROPS TUESDAY!!! LET’S GOOOOOO!!!” Last year, Kelce pulled in heavy-hitting artist Machine Gun Kelly to headline the event, but this time, he’s expected to up the ante, leveraging his soaring global fame, partly fueled by his association with pop icon Taylor Swift.

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Will Swift make an appearance?

While Swift won’t grace the Kelce Jam stage this year due to her commitments on the Eras Tour in Europe, where she’s slated to perform in Stockholm, Sweden, fans are abuzz with speculation about who Kelce might recruit. One intriguing suggestion making the rounds is the involvement of Kelce’s older brother, Jason Kelce. A recent sighting of Jason partying with DJ Marshmello after the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory in Las Vegas has fans hoping for a reunion come May.

Amidst the festival fervor, Kelce has been making the most of the NFL offseason, recently spotted enjoying a leisurely round of golf with former NBA star Chandler Parsons. In a playful moment captured on video, Kelce can be seen lining up a shot on the course, accompanied by the unmistakable beats of Swift’s “Bad Blood” blaring in the background. Showing off his signature flair, Kelce even indulged in some air guitar antics, adding to the anticipation building around Kelce Jam’s upcoming lineup reveal.

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