JUST IN: Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles Break Social Media To Send Impressive Strong Message To Cardi B After Body-Shamed For Performances In Las Vegas

Despite, Cardi B been body-shamed after a performance in Las Vegas by shamelessly chowing down on a big plate of pancakes, Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles has showcased genius love towards the ‘WAP’rapper sensational performances.

“I’m getting body-shamed. I’m so sad,” the rapper, 31, sarcastically said in a video shared on social media as she sprayed whipped cream on three golden-brown flapjacks.

“Everybody saying that I look fat and that my ass is so fat,” she added as she pretended to sniffle and cry.

Cardi proceeded to take massive bites of her syrupy breakfast and lick her lips before hilariously whining, “Everybody hates me.”

The “WAP” artist continued to stare at the camera as she dove into the short stack of pancakes, cutting large pieces and dipping them in maple syrup and cream before swallowing each sugary bite.

Cardi’s fans applauded her for standing up to her haters.

“I LOVE how she can joke about it and move on. Its giving maturity,” one person wrote on X.

“Lmfao! Perfect vid by @iamcardib with the pancakes n WHIPPED CREAM! She dont give a single f–k what anyone says bout her! Love u @iamcardib,” a second fan commented.

“She is such a mood,” another wrote.

However, several netizens pointed out that the Grammy winner was being trolled for her “botched” plastic surgery and not her weight.

“No one said your [sic] fat we said those surgeries look crazy,” one hater wrote.

“No one said that they said she need stop with the bbls she look perfectly fine to me before,” a second person agreed, using the acronym for Brazilian butt lifts.

“@iamcardibYou are BOTCHED not fat,” another tersely chimed in.

“Nobody said she was fat said that bbl out of placed [sic] @iamcardib,” someone else added.

Cardi’s appearance raised eyebrows as she wore a tight leopard-print catsuit that showed off her curves during a performance at Drai’s nightclub Saturday.

And despite body-shamed by haters, Beyonce’s Mom, Ms. Tina Knowles has showcased genius love towards the ‘WAP’ rapper sensational performances. After shared the 31-year-old performances video on social media platforms, Ms. Tina Knowles like the video clips within 10 minutes and also shared it.

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