Unveiling the magic behind ‘Say Say Say’ 🎶 Dive deep into the creative process of this iconic collaboration between Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney!

In 1983, two of the biggest pop stars in the world came together in an unforgettable musical collaboration. Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson joined forces to record “Say Say Say,” a catchy pop duet that became one of their signature songs.

While McCartney and Jackson were both massively successful solo artists, very little was known about the creative process that went into writing and recording “Say Say Say.” Over 35 years later, we’ve gained some insight into how this unique pairing of musical titans came to be. Let’s take a deeper look at the story behind one of the most iconic pop duets of all time.

The Jam Session at Home

It all started with an invitation for Jackson to stay at McCartney’s home in England while working on new music. McCartney was known for his collaborative spirit and enjoyed having other artists over to casually jam and write songs. Jackson readily accepted the invitation, no doubt eager to work with his musical hero. Having Jackson stay at his house allowed for a relaxed, low-pressure environment more conducive to creativity compared to being in a professional recording studio.

The casual atmosphere of working together at McCartney’s home was likely key in sparking their collaborative process. Without the constraints of a formal recording session, they could freely experiment with ideas without worrying about budgets or deadlines. Being in a comfortable, familiar setting as opposed to a sterile studio also helped lower inhibitions. Jackson and McCartney could simply play music together as friends, allowing their natural talents and chemistry to shine through.

Playing the Field of Existing Ideas

In a surprising twist, McCartney reportedly brought out a booklet of his unpublished song copyrights, suggesting they work on something together. This shows McCartney taking a more proactive role in getting the creative juices flowing. Rather than starting from a blank slate, he offered Jackson a foundation of existing musical ideas to build upon. Flipping through McCartney’s catalog of incomplete songs gave them a jumping off point to find one that resonated with both of their artistic visions.

Using McCartney’s backlog of copyrighted works as inspiration demonstrated open-mindedness on both sides. McCartney welcomed Jackson’s input on reshaping and reworking one of his existing compositions. And Jackson showed flexibility by being willing to build upon someone else’s initial idea rather than insisting they start from scratch. Their willingness to collaboratively develop one of McCartney’s song frameworks likely expedited the songwriting process.

Reversing the Singing Order

An interesting detail that emerged was that Jackson and McCartney reversed the singing order compared to an earlier version of the song. Originally, McCartney took the lead vocal on the first verse. But in workshops and demos, they decided Jackson would sound better kicking things off. This small change highlights how the duo actively shaped the song through experimentation even after the initial writing process.

Tweaking such a fundamental element as who starts the vocal delivery showed their collaborative spirit. It wasn’t about ego or sticking rigidly to the first idea. Both superstars were open to alterations that could elevate the song, even if it meant McCartney modestly moving to backup for the introduction. Their willingness to try new arrangements demonstrated the priority was creating the best track possible rather than individual credit or accolades.

In the Studio with Producer George Martin

After workshopping ideas at McCartney’s home, they took the song into the professional recording studio with legendary producer George Martin at the helm. Bringing in Martin, the iconic producer behind many of The Beatles’ greatest hits, signaled they wanted to capture the track’s full potential. His expertise no doubt helped elevate “Say Say Say” to the next level.

In the controlled environment of the studio, Martin could focus the duo on fine-tuning melodies, harmonies, instrumentation and other production elements. His experience in getting the best possible performances and sounds out of artists was invaluable. The studio also allowed them to properly record multiple takes and variations to find the perfect version. Layering in other musicians further enriched the arrangement. All these professional production techniques helped ensure “Say Say Say” was radio-ready for global consumption.

A Musical Match Made in Heaven

Despite their very different backgrounds and styles, McCartney and Jackson blended together seamlessly on “Say Say Say.” Their undeniable talents meshed in a way that was both familiar yet fresh. McCartney’s classic pop sensibilities were a natural fit with Jackson’s R&B and funk influences coming into the 1980s. And their iconic voices intertwined in perfect harmony.

While the songwriting process began casually at McCartney’s home, their collaboration was no happy accident. Both brought a spirit of experimentation, willingness to take creative risks and focus on crafting the best track possible above all else. Their artistic visions complemented each other in a way that elevated “Say Say Say” far beyond what either could have achieved alone. Through open communication and flexibility to alter arrangements, the duo organically found magic.

The Legacy of “Say Say Say”

Released as a single in 1983, “Say Say Say” was an instant commercial success, topping the charts in over 15 countries. It became one of McCartney’s most popular solo singles and further cemented Jackson as a truly global pop phenomenon. To this day, the catchy melody and playful call-and-response vocals remain utterly memorable and enjoyable and it’s considered one of the best pop duets of all time.

While very little was publicly known about the songwriting process for many years, emerging details paint a picture of a relaxed, collaborative spirit that allowed creative risks and experimentation. The casual jam sessions at McCartney’s home fostered a low-pressure environment for the mega-stars to simply enjoy making music together. Their willingness to rework arrangements like the singing order demonstrated the focus was on crafting the best track above all else.

Over three decades later, “Say Say Say” endures as a testament to what can happen when two musical geniuses freely play off each other’s talents in a spirit of openness, flexibility and mutual admiration. The natural chemistry McCartney and Jackson found proved unforgettable and cemented their place among the most iconic pop duets ever recorded

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