Bronny James NBA Draft 2024: Joining Lakers and fulfilling father LeBron’s dream

Bronny James has had a disappointing college season, but wants to move to the pros at the earliest.

Bronny James Declares for NBA Draft and Enters Transfer Portal

Bronny James has a chance to join the Los Angeles Lakers and fulfil his father LeBron James’ dream after declaring for the NBA Draft

Bronny James is finally heading to the NBA, or at least that is his intention after declaring for the upcoming 2024 NBA Draft. Since then, the biggest theory surrounding the freshman is that he could be joining the Los Angeles Lakers. A move that will help him fulfill his father LeBron James’ long-standing dream.

His decision to enter the draft after a disappointing Freshman season at USC was met with a bit of critique. After all, some do not consider him to be NBA-ready. After missing games in the initial part of the season due to a cardiac arrest, his draft stock plummeted. Subsequent lack of production during the season ended with several prominent mock drafts taking him off the board altogether. Hence, this move came as a surprise to everyone.

After all, why would a player declare for the draft when any of the teams may not even consider them? This is why he has also entered the NCAA transfer portal, just in case. But what if there are ways to enter the league and be able to join his father? A possible dream scenario for the James family.

Bronny James’ path to the Los Angeles Lakers

Before this college season started, Bronny James was a top-10 draft prospect. Had the season lived up to that hype, there was a possibility that any team picking in the top 10, and needing a solid 3-and-D guard would pick him up. LeBron James’ player option for 2024 was inserted into his current contract with the probability that he would sign with the team that drafts his son.
Bronny James is likely going to go undrafted, paving the way to join the Los Angeles LakersBronny James is likely going to go undrafted, paving the way to join the Los Angeles Lakers (image via Open Source/X)
Now, with James Jr. off the draft boards, the situation makes it a lot easier than before. His father can stay with the Los Angeles Lakers, the team he joined in 2018, with the vision of retiring in the purple and gold. This means all signs point to the Lakers possibly signing their leading superstar’s son.

The 6′ 4″ guard‘s entry into the NBA could not come more readily. His father is the de facto leader of the team. The Lakers do not have to worry about James Jr. being drafted by another team with a need. They also do not necessarily need to spend their 2nd round pick on him.

That 2nd round pick will come from their neighbors, the Los Angeles Clippers. So, chances are that the pick will be in the bottom half of the round. If GM Rob Pelinka and his front office get wind that another team might want to take a flyer on the USC guard, they could use that pick to draft him.

The Lakers could save that draft pick for a good young role-player and sign Bronny James to a 2-way contract if he goes undrafted. This will effectively help the two-way guard fall into the lap of the most storied franchise in the basketball world.

A son fulfilling his father’s dream

Joining the Los Angeles Lakers means LeBron James will fulfill his biggest dream. The all-time greatest scorer in NBA history has repeatedly said that playing alongside his son is at the top of his to-do list. He has also suggested that once he does that, it could mark the end of his career. But what if James Sr. is capable of playing for a couple of more years?

LeBron James can fulfil his dream of playing alongside his sonLeBron James can fulfil his dream of playing alongside his son (image via theScore/X)
This entire situation will be manna on the plate of the NBA and the Lakers’ marketing departments. As they will be the first to do it on such a grand stage, it will bring increased attention to basketball as a whole. Imagine the headlines, ‘Father sends behind the back pass to son for the dagger 3’, or ‘Son lobs an alley-oop to his father’.

In any situation, LeBron James will feel that he has achieved everything in his career. After all, nothing can top playing alongside his son. Being the 1st ever to do so will be the biggest legacy James can carry with him after he hangs up his shoes.

Going undrafted will not affect Bronny James’ legacy

In recent years, a lot of undrafted players have developed into stars in their own right. Lakers players Austin Reaves and Gabe Vincent are earning millions and were coveted free agents due to their elite play. It is not like the old times when signing undrafted players was just to fill in scrimmage players.

In no way will going undrafted affect his career. His father has played alongside a lot of undrafted players throughout his career, winning championships with some of them. Many of them have evolved to become stars in their own right. It is about maximizing the opportunity at hand.

As long as the 19-year-old can develop his game to the requirements of his team, he will always have a contract in his hands. Some say Bronny James’ game is more suited to the NBA than college basketball. If that happens to be true, it will not be a surprise if James Jr. has a long career ahead of him.

And how best to start it than with the purple and gold. He could learn in real time how the greatest mind in the game dissects and runs the game. Fulfilling a father’s dream and entering the best basketball league in the world with the Los Angeles Lakers should be any player’s dream scenario.

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