What To Expect After Egghead Island Arc In One Piece?

The Egghead Island Arc has an Eerie Similarity to Another One Piece Arc That Might Just Give Away Dr. Vegapunk’s Future.

Fans draw parallels between Ohara and Egghead Island arcs, noting similar themes.


Professor Clover’s fate mirrors potential danger faced by Dr. Vegapunk in Egghead Island.
Connection between Nico Robin and Professor Clover echoes in Egghead Island arc.
Admiral Aokiji’s role in Ohara resonates with Admiral Kizaru’s involvement in Egghead Island.

It has been more than 20 years since the start of the anime series, One Piece, and now the long-running story is finally reaching its end. The Straw Hat Pirates are getting closer to the end of their incredible adventure.

The first arc of the final saga, Egghead Arc, is already feeling quite exciting. The story takes us to a futuristic island that is full of exciting surprises.

One Piece manga readers have already experienced some of the most tragic and emotional flashbacks along with the return of anticipated characters. In addition to this, we have also learned some secrets about the powerful World Government.
Dr. Vegapunk in One PieceDr. Vegapunk in One Piece

However, one interesting thing fans have noticed is that the Egghead Island arc is quite similar to another major One Piece story arc.

Similarities Between Ohara and Egghead Island Arcs In One Piece

Fans of One Piece have recently noticed some similarities between the Ohara and the Egghead Island arc. The Ohara arc, which took place after the Water 7 arc, is based on the island of West Blue, Ohara.
Professor Clover in One Piece

Professor Clover in One Piece
In this arc, we witnessed that Professor Clover, a member of the Ohara Archaeological Society, was eliminated by the World Government for revealing the secrets about the mysterious history of the Void Century.

Similarly, the recent Egghead Island arc has introduced Dr. Vegapunk, who has also been trying to uncover the secrets of the Void Century. That caught the attention of the World Government.

In the Ohara arc, we witness the connection between Nico Robin and Professor Clover. Similarly, the Egghead Island arc features Bonney who shares a deep link with Dr. Vegapunk.

Both Ohara and Egghead Island arcs have featured some of the most powerful figures of Marine. Admiral Aokiji played a key role in the destruction of Ohara and the elimination of its scholars, to protect the secrets of the World Government.
Luffy in One PieceLuffy in One Piece
Similarly, Egghead Island featured Admiral Kizaru who leads the rest of the Marines to chase Dr. Vegapunk.

After taking a closer look at these similarities between the Ohara arc and Egghead Island arc, One Piece fans believe that Vegapunk’s research may end up costing him his own life, just like Professor Clover’s fate in the Ohara arc.

What To Expect After Egghead Island Arc In One Piece

Now that Dorry and Brogy from the Giant Warrior Pirates have arrived on Egghead Island, it’s clear where our protagonist is headed next, the island of Elbaf. Elbaf was first mentioned way back in Chapter 865 of the manga, and now it is about to make a big comeback in the story.
Dr. Vegapunk in One PieceDr. Vegapunk in One Piece
Elbaf is located close to both Wano and Egghead. It’s said to be the strongest country in the entire One Piece, thanks to its army of giant warriors.

Considering the close connection to the current events of the story, Elbaf is likely to be one of the last major islands and story arcs we see as we are finally approaching the endgame of One Piece.

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