“Nami could have defeated Arlong and the Fishmen”: Resurfaced One Piece Concept Art Makes Fans Believe Eiichiro Oda Should Have Stuck with His Original Plans

One Piece fans are in love with Nami’s original character design by Eiichiro Oda.


Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece, is renowned for his distinctive and captivating character designs.
In an effort to find the ideal feature for the character, he has created and rejected a number of character designs over the years.
Nami, the Straw Hat Pirates’ Navigator, is the perfect example of this. A lot of One Piece fans adore her original design.

One Piece’s creator, Eiichiro Oda is known for his character designs. His ability to draw unique characters is quite famous in the anime and manga world. He has literally drawn entire races for his masterpiece’s storyline and he still continues to impress the One Piece fans with characters that have never been seen before.

One Piece has entered it's final arcOne Piece
However, he doesn’t just get the perfect character design on the first try. Over the years, he has created multiple character designs and rejected them so that he can achieve the perfect aspect for the character that matches his presence with the storyline or arc he is in. The perfect example of this is the Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami.

Compared to the beginning of One Piece, Nami has developed quite a lot in terms of character and her physical appearance just like other characters. However, a resurfaced concept art of Nami has led fans to believe that her initial character design would have been a better choice for her than her current one.

Nami’s Concept Art Resurfaces on the Internet

Recently, an X(Formerly Twitter) account by the name of @opdaiIy shared the original character designs of Nami and Sanji from One Piece. These designs instantly went viral and attracted a lot of attention from One Piece fans. The original designs of both Sanji and Nami are completely different from how they look now.

Nami was originally intended to wear a ragged pair of jeans with a single stripped legging, and her hair was done in bunches. She also had noticeable scars on her body and boots. The fans were taken aback by her single metal armored boot, gauntlet, and enormous war axe. The axe is almost as tall as she is, and it is shackled by a bulky-looking chain.
Nami's Initial Character DesignNami’s Initial Character Design

Although this character design would have changed the entire storyline of Nami, it would surely have made her more threatening and would have helped her add more power to the Straw Hat crew. She would have been much stronger than a lot of characters in One Piece.

One Piece Fans Believe Eiichiro Oda Should Have Kept Nami’s Original Design

As the tweet regarding Sanji and Nami’s original design went viral, One Piece fans started expressing their opinions about Oda’s art and his vision for the main characters of the One Piece storyline.

Nami in One Piece
Nami in One Piece
While many understood that this character design for Nami would have changed her entire character development, others believed that Eiichiro Oda should have kept Nami’s original design as it would have helped her and the Straw Hat crew during their battles.

Some fans even believed that if Nami’s original design had stayed in the One Piece story, she would have taken down Arlong and the other Fishmen by herself.







Although the original Nami’s design looks way cooler than the current one, it would have changed the personality and the development of Nami as a character and would have robbed One Piece fans of the many great moments that involved her as the central figure.

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