One Piece: 8 Powers Imu Could Have.

Imu could have many powerful abilities in One Piece.


 Imu’s Ancient Weapon Uranus can wipe out entire kingdoms, making it a powerful asset.
 Basic Observation Haki allows Imu to sense danger, making them a formidable opponent.
 Imu’s potential access to Advanced-Grade Conqueror’s Haki could make them a force to be reckoned with.

Saint Imu is the sovereign of the world in One Piece and is certainly among the strongest individuals in the entire series. Imu was first revealed to the fans during the Reverie arc, and more information pertaining to this individual was provided after the events of the Wano Country arc.

These members of One Piece’s Straw Hat Grand Fleet have the best haki.

More recently, fans got a glimpse of Imu’s powers, and ever since then, they have been intrigued about what abilities this individual has up their sleeve. Of course, there are a lot of abilities they could possess, but there are some that would fit him more than others.

8.Ancient Weapon Uranus

Imu and Uranus One Piece

The Power To Destroy The World
Power Type: Ancient Weapon

One ability that fans can rest assured that Imu possesses is the Ancient Weapon Uranus. This ability was seen being utilized by Imu to wipe out the kingdom of Lulusia rather recently. While a proper look at the Uranus was not provided to the fans, it is highly likely that Uranus was the weapon used by the sovereign of the world to wipe out this particular country.

It is also one of Imu’s strongest powers, and even though they cannot use it repeatedly, it is still a very strong asset to have.

7. Basic Observation Haki

Luffy using Kenbunshoku Haki

Imu Can Sense Danger
Power Type: Haki

Imu will most definitely have access to basic Observation Haki. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to any fan, especially now that the fans have seen the Five Elders in action. Imu is superior to the Five Elders in every regard, and the Five Elders have been confirmed to be users of Haki.

That in itself means that Imu should have the ability to use Haki as well. With basic Observation Haki, Imu can see incoming attacks in the mind’s eye, or sense the presence of others, read emotions, and even measure power levels, among other things.

6.Advanced-Grade Observation Haki

charlotte katakuri

Imu Could Have Advanced Their Haki
Power Type: Haki

One interesting ability that Imu could end up having is Advanced Grade Observation Haki. Observation Haki, at the basic level, is something that most Haki users possess. In fact, most powerful pirates and Marines in the New World have access to basic level Haki.

However, the elites have access to advanced-grade Haki. Imu could be one of those individuals who possess advanced grade Observation Haki, and with this power, could potentially see into the future.

5.Basic Armament Haki

Jinbe Using Busoshoku Haki While Fighting Who's-Who In Wano In One Piece

Imu Has The Power To Use Spirit As A Weapon
Power Type: Haki

Undoubtedly, Imu will have the ability to utilize Armament Haki. This ability allows the user to summon their spirit and use it as an invisible armor.

The Five Elders were recently seen utilizing this power, and Imu, who is their superior, should be able to make use of it in combat as well. Hopefully, fans will see more of them utilizing their abilities soon.

4Advanced-Grade Armament Haki

Armament Haki

Imu Could Have Advanced Their Armament Haki

Power Type: Haki

While the basic grade of Armament Haki is easy to power for most to use, it is the advanced grades that make a difference in difficult battles. Imu is one individual who could very well have access to advanced-grade Haki.

In fact, it is expected of someone like Imu to have access to advanced-grade Haki. When it comes to Armament Haki, the advanced grade allows the user to launch Haki at their targets from a distance.

These characters were conquerors from birth in One Piece.

This is a more refined form of Haki that can penetrate deeper and deal more damage. There is another grade of Haki, which is the Internal Destruction Haki. This ability would allow Imu to send their Haki directly inside the body of the enemies and destroy them from the inside out. This is a very rare ability when it comes to Haki, and is utilized by only a select few.

3. Basic Conqueror’s Haki

Advanced conqueror's haki

Imu Is A Conqueror
Power Type: Haki

Imu is the sovereign of the entire world and, by definition, a conqueror. For them to have Conqueror’s Haki should not be a surprise to any fan. In fact, their ambition is likely greater than the vast majority of the characters in the series, aside from maybe Luffy.

Imu should most definitely be a user of Conqueror’s Haki, and fans can only hope that they get the chance to utilize their power soon enough.

2. Advanced-Grade Conqueror’s Haki

shanks luffy and kaido advanced haki one piece

Imu Could Utilize Conqueror’s Haki Infusion
Power Type: Haki

Advance grade Conqueror’s Haki sees the user infuse Conqueror’s Haki directly into their body, and use it for both offensive and defensive purposes. This is a very rare ability that only a handful of individuals possess, however, it certainly makes them powerful.

Luffy awakened his power in the Wano Country arc. Imu, as a conqueror, should have access to Conqueror’s Haki, and given that they are the final antagonist of the series, for them to have access to Conqueror’s Haki Infusion should not come as a surprise to any fan.

1. Sea Devil

Imu devil fruit one piece

Imu Could Have The Greatest Transformation
Power Type: Yokai

By far, the most popular idea for Imu’s ability is the power of the sea devil. Fans know that Imu possesses a Yokai-like transformation. In the Holy Land of Marijoa, when Sabo attempted to attack all Five Elders and Imu, he was greeted by all of their transformations.

Imu’s transformation still remains to be a big mystery at this point, and it is likely that this transformation was that of the sea devil itself.

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