One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Can Give Sanji 1 Incredible Power Up That’s Technically Better Than Conqueror’s Haki for Him at the Moment

Sanji might not be able to unlock Conqueror’s Haki and it is better for him.


Vinsmoke Sanji, the cook for the Straw Hat Pirates and one of their toughest crew members, has been demonstrating his strength for a while now.
The only issue with the character is that he ranks third in the Straw Hat Crew when it comes to acquiring a power-up or unlocking a new ability.
Sanji has yet to receive a Haki upgrade, and based on his current character development, there is one alternative Haki ability that is technically superior than Conqueror’s Haki for him.

The cook of the Straw Hat Pirates, and one of the strongest members of the crew, Vinsmoke Sanji, or as the One Piece world knows him, Black Leg Sanji, has been proving his strength as one of the wings of the Future Pirate King for quite some time now. He has made quite a name for himself since the beginning of the series.

Sanji - One PieceSanji – One Piece
The only problem with the character however is, that whenever the crew gets a power-up, he is placed third on the list. This means that as compared to Luffy and Zoro, he will always be a step behind in terms of strength no matter what. The perfect example of this is the growth in the Haki abilities of the crew.

Eiichiro Oda has already disclosed that both Luffy and Zoro have the Conqueror’s Haki, which is considered to be the strongest Haki ability in One Piece. But Sanji has yet to get a Haki upgrade, and looking at his character development right now, there is one other Haki ability that is technically better than Conqueror’s Haki for him.

The Perfect Haki Power-Up for Sanji in One Piece

When Sanji is introduced in the story, he is a cook at the Baratie restaurant who has great fighting skills and a dream to find the All Blue. Later, when he joined the Straw Hat Pirates, he worked on himself and became stronger to help himself and his Captain achieve their dreams and goals.

As the story of One Piece progressed, Sanji defeated a lot of major antagonists of the series earning himself a bounty of 1,032 billion berries. Additionally, he unlocked a lot of abilities that were majorly focused on Haki. He became a proficient user of Observation and Armament Haki.

ifrit jambe - sanjiSanji’s Ifrit jambe

Now, for the battles that await him in the future, Sanji needs to learn a new Haki ability that would be an essential tool for him. While many fans want him to be a Conqueror’s Haki user, the better power-up for him would be Future Sight, which is an advanced version of Observation Haki in One Piece.

Future Sight is Better for Sanji Than Conqueror’s Haki

Future Sight is an advanced Observation Haki technique that allows the user to see for a short amount of time into the future rather than simply guessing what will happen intuitively. Future Sight users can see an accurate mental representation of what is going to occur in the next couple of seconds.
Black Leg Sanji

Black Leg Sanji
Sanji’s character development in One Piece makes him the perfect candidate for Future Sight. Sanji doesn’t have a goal or ambition to attain a title or beat someone strong, thus he doesn’t require Conqueror’s Haki. He just wants to help his Captain become the King of the Pirate and in the process, follow his dream of finding All Blue. Additionally, Future Sight is something that even Zoro doesn’t have.

Therefore, if Sanji unlocks Future Sight, it will maintain a balance in the Straw Hat crew. Also, Sanji is an even better Observation Haki user than Luffy. This already indicates that he will be a better Future Sight user than the entire crew. However, some One Piece fans believe that he already has it but it has not been officially declared by Oda.

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