One Piece is making Sanji the perfect scientist with an ability yet to be introduced by Eiichiro Oda

One Piece Already Set Up the Perfect Way for Sanji to Defeat the Gorosei – His Skills as a Chef


Sanji has always been a great chef, however, his affinity for flames and cooking may hold more to it.
Cooking is a form of alchemy, one that entails to transformation and the understanding of elements.
With his abilities as an alchemist, Sanji could very well go up against the Gorosei.

One Piece is a world that expands on a power system unique to its own. Each and every character has a skill set that makes them stand apart. Whether it is about the Devil Fruits, the Yonkos, or the mythologies streaming behind the river of possibilities. One of the most mysterious of the lot happens to be Sanji. His powers have so far been either a developing concoction or a brewing tale.

Sanji Cooking in One PieceSanji Cooking in One Piece
One theory, interestingly enough, suggests that his true abilities have always been in front of the fans. In fact, while the series may not have officially introduced his actual potential yet, there is a strong possibility that there is a process underway.

Sanji’s biggest advantage is one that does not come with his skills as a fighter but as a chef. Eiichiro Oda might just use exactly that as a way to defeat the Gorosei.

Sanji: The Alchemist of One Piece

Sanji has one ability that he is best known for, his skills as a cook. As per a theorist on YouTube, @MiddleWay, his cooking is but a fraction of why his hands are the most precious to him. One Piece has always been a manga of myth, magic, and science. Cooking is a science. At first glance, that may not seem to be the case, however, cooking stems from the science of creation, alchemy.
Black Leg SanjiBlack Leg Sanji

Soil, the origin of alchemy, the basis of all life. Alchemy is the science of transformation, developing from chemistry and the understanding of how elements work with each other. Sanji is famously seen to have a resistance to flames, something he believes to have come from his cooking skills. Even other anime like Food Wars see cooking as a science, alchemy. Sanji’s true abilities could lie in his understanding of alchemy and not just his resistance to fire.

This is seen constantly during his interactions with St. Jaygarcia Saturn. Whether it is his recognition of the demonic summoning circle or the flames that constantly seem to surround him, the connection between Sanji and Saturn holds strong with their understanding of science.

One Piece’s First Alchemist

Fire, in alchemy, represents purification, transformation, and spirituality. Fire is something both Saturn and Sanji are associated with. The former is canonically a scientist, whereas the latter may still be in search of his awakening. Sanji, along with his Diable Jambe, has an affinity for fire. Fire is the source of creation and light. Fire is a symbol of both hope and destruction. For Sanji, fire is the key to transformation.
Sanji Beating Luffy

Sanji Beating Luffy
While Sanji’s powers may counter the laws of physics, that does not necessarily mean it disregards the laws of chemistry. He has proven time and again that his abilities are not ones to be underestimated. Moreover, the process of finding just how far these powers can go is still a mystery to One Piece fans.

There is a strong possibility that his affinity comes from his ancestors who may have also indulged in the science of alchemy. One strong possibility, as per the theorist, is that one of the Gorosei was actually a Vinsmoke. Therefore suggests that the blond Gorosei, St. Ju Peter, is actually the Vinsmoke king.

Alchemy and the Gorosei

Alchemy is the most mysterious and oldest of sciences. Alchemy associates itself with creation, transformation, and defiance. To defy science and the laws set by it. A figure made of chalk can turn into a human, and emotions fueled by passion can turn into fire and thereby the Diable Jambe. Alchemy is all about proving the already established to be wrong.
Zoro and Sanji RivalryZoro and Sanji
So to think that the Gorosei rely on Alchemy to maintain their physical bodies through the flow of time is not a far-fetched presumption.

Sanji and St. Germain

Sanji and ZoroSanji and Zoro
In early drafts of One Piece, Sanji’s father had a completely different name, St. Germain. Although the idea never came to be. This small detail holds a lot of backing to exactly why Sanji is directly connected to alchemy. The Count of Saint Germain grew during the mid-18th century for his interest in science, specifically alchemy.

Finally an Awakening

Eiichiro Oda has yet to give Sanji his spotlight in the current arc. Seeing that the Gorosei play such an integral role, there is a strong chance that he will come face to face with St. Ju Peter. Not only would this give him the opportunity to finally unlock his true potential, but also take on the Gorosei with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates.
sanji blocking kizaruSanji blocking Kizaru
Sanji would thus get an opportunity to ignite black flames against the Gorosei, countering alchemy with alchemy. Science against science. Defiance against defiance. Only a chef as skilled as Sanji would be brave enough to pit fire against fire.

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