One Piece: The Haki Of The Strongest Martial Artists, Ranked

These Martial artists have the most powerful haki in One Piece.

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 Haki is a powerful ability that only a few in the One Piece world can truly master, enhancing combat skills significantly.

 Top Haki users like Don Sai, Jinbe, Don Chinjao, Sentomaru, Koby, and others showcase incredible feats with their abilities.
 Characters like Sanji and Sabo excel in specific types of Haki, showcasing impressive mastery and making them formidable fighters.

Haki is an incredible ability that is present within everyone in the One Piece world, however, only a handful can truly manifest this power. This ability aids those who have awakened and mastered it greatly in combat, making them stronger fighters and preparing them for more dangers.

These are the best haki users in the World Government in One Piece.

When it comes to the many martial artists in the One Piece world, quite a lot utilize Haki at a very high level and integrate it into their amazing fighting styles. Among a plethora of amazing martial artists, only a handful can be considered to be true Haki masters.

9. Don Sai

Haki Specialty: Armament Haki

Don Sai getting ready to attack

Don Sai is quite an incredible Haki master and fans have already seen him utilize powerful Haki-based techniques such as Drill Dragon Nail. His Haki-based abilities are strong enough to split the ice content itself and that makes him quite a special fighter.

Don Sai might not be as strong as some other people in the One Piece world, however, when it comes to utilizing Haki, he is truly incredible. He was able to split a giant part of the Dressrosa plateau with his Haki-based kicks.

8. Jinbe

Haki Specialty: Armament Haki

Jinbe Using Busoshoku Haki While Fighting Who's-Who In Wano In One Piece

The helmsman of the Straw Hat Pirates, fans know Jinbe to be an incredibly powerful fighter, however, when it comes to Haki, he doesn’t appear to be special. Jinbe still possessed above-average control over Haki, as seen throughout his many fights in the story, especially the one he fought against Who’s Who.

Jinbe was even able to block his powerful Armament Haki enhanced Shigan, and retaliate with some strong Haki-based blows of his own, such as Onigawara Seiken.

7. Don Chinjao

Haki Specialty: Armament Haki

One Piece Don Chinjao fighting against Lucy

Known to be a legendary pirate, Don Chinjao is a user of all three Haki types and fans have already seen him utilize many amazing abilities.

His strongest was certainly his drill on his head, using which he could split the ice continent. Chinjao was an amazing user of Haki, especially since he was capable of combining it with Hasshoken and achieving incredible levels of strength.

6. Sentomaru

Haki Specialty: Advanced Armament Haki

Sentomaru fights Kizaru one piece 1091

Sentomaru is the bodyguard of Vegapunk and certainly an incredible fighter. His specialty is his incredible Haki, which he believes gives him the toughest guard in the entire world. In fact, Sentomaru’s Haki proved to be so good that he was able to block Kizaru’s lightspeed kick, as if it was nothing.

Sentomaru still has a long way to go, however, he has already showcased some amazing Haki feats with his martial art style, especially since he can utilize the advanced variant of Armament Haki.

5. Koby

Haki Specialty: Observation Haki, Advanced Armament Haki

Koby One Piece

Koby is quite a powerful individual who can utilize the ability of Rokushiki. This is an amazing martial arts style that Koby seems to be very well familiar with. Koby also knows how to incorporate his Haki with this fighting style.

Monkey D. Dragon is a promising villain in the One Piece universe, with several potential powers he could be seen using in the series.

In fact, recently, in the egghead arc, he showcased the ability to utilize the advanced grade of Armament Haki.

By training endlessly, he awakened this ability and destroyed Kizaru’s arm. That said, Koby’s specialty appears to be Observation Haki.

4. Kawamatsu

Haki Specialty: Advanced Armament Haki

Kawamatsu One Piece

Kawamatsu is a samurai and a sumo wrestler who utilizes the special martial arts style called Kappa Ryu. Being a retainer of Oden, it is no surprise for the fans to know that he’s an incredible user of Haki.

In fact, he can also utilize the advanced grade of Haki, using which he could injure Kaido in battle and even make him bleed.

3.Rob Lucci

Haki Specialty: Advanced Armament Haki

rob lucci vs zoro one piece 1093

A powerful CP0 agent, Rob Lucci is a heartless killing machine who has gone from strength to strength over the years. With the incredible fighting style of Rokushiki, he has now become one of the strongest individuals in the One Piece world, and his Haki is absolutely immense.

In the fight against Luffy, he proved that he was a great user of Haki, and it is clear for the fans to see that he can channel it from a distance just like Advanced Armament Haki.


Haki Specialty: Observation Haki

Sanji wano

Sanji is an incredible martial artist and one of the strongest in the One Piece world, and much of that is down to the fact that he possesses amazing Haki. Sanji learned Haki all by himself and he has excelled in this art quite a lot. He is a master of Observation Haki and his application of this technique is believed to be very advanced.

At the same time, Sanji also possessed his finely honed Armament Haki, which is clearly strong enough to sustain the flames of Ifrit Jambe.


Haki Specialty: Advanced Armament Haki

episode of sabo one piece

The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo has his own unique martial arts fighting style, called Ryusoken. This is an incredible style that sees him make the claws of a dragon in combat and imbue them with Haki.

Sabo can then utilize advanced variants of Haki to crush his enemies, be it up close or from a distance. He is an incredible Haki user, the likes of which will only get better as the series progresses.

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