One Piece theory explains the Iron Giant’s crime for which he is apologizing to Joyboy.

One Piece Theory Suggests the Iron Giant Failed to Complete the Very Purpose it was Created for


Every One Piece fan in the world is enthralled with the unfolding battle within the Egghead Island storyline.
The final chapter of One Piece revealed that the Iron Giant, who had been on Egghead Island for a long time, had finally awakened.
But what shocked the fans even more, was that the first thing that the Iron Giant did after waking up was apologize to Joyboy.

The announcement of Vegapunk, the arrival of the Giants from Elbaf, the power revelation of the Five Elders, and many other mysteries have been disclosed in the Egghead Island arc in One Piece. The arc has proved to be the most important arc as it also marks the beginning of the finale saga.

Egghead ArcOne Piece – Egghead Arc
Although Egghead has been answering a lot of questions, it also has introduced some new ones that have confused One Piece fans. The biggest question right now in One Piece is the Iron Giant, who has finally woken up and is moving towards the battle between Luffy and the Five Elders.

As it rushes towards the fight, it is seen apologizing to Joyboy (Luffy). This has led One Piece fans to form multiple theories about the relationship between Joyboy and the Iron Giant. Among those theories, there is one that suggests that the Iron Giant is apologizing to Joyboy because he failed to fulfill his duty, which was probably assigned to him by Joyboy.

The Iron Giant Apologizes to Joyboy in One Piece

The Iron Giant was introduced at the beginning of the Egghead Island arc, and although he was not a central figure, he held some importance to the story. During his introduction, it was revealed that the Iron Giant was built 900 years ago and it attacked Mary Geoise 200 years ago. But because he ran out of energy, he went to slumber and has not woken up since then.

Chapter 1111, which was the last One Piece chapter released before the hiatus, revealed, that as Luffy and the giants from Elbaf were fighting the Five Elders, the Iron Giant became fully active. It stood up from its 200-year-deep slumber and started rushing towards Luffy and the main battlefield.

the iron giant apologizing to joyboyThe Iron Giant apologizing to Joyboy (Credit: Viz Media)

But what shocked fans even more, was the fact that the first thing the Iron Giant did after waking up was apologize to Joyboy. It was already established that the Iron Giant had some kind of connection with Joyboy. However, the Iron Giant apologizing to him brings a new twist to the mysterious narrative of Joyboy and the Iron Giant.

Theory Suggests The Iron Giant Failed to Complete a Task Given by Joyboy

According to a theory posted by @writtingpanini, Oda took inspiration for the Iron Giant from Talos of Greek mythology. Talos was a bronze machine that was built by Hephaestus for King Minos of Crete to protect his kingdom from invaders. He was powered by a life-giving fluid called ichor. The Iron Giant shares a lot of resemblance with Talos.
The Iron Giant - One Piece

The Iron Giant – One Piece
The theory suggests that the Iron Giant might have been given the duty by Joyboy, to protect the Ancient Kingdom from the World Government, just like Talos was given the duty to guard and protect Crete. However, because the Iron Giant ran out of energy, it failed in its mission which led to the invasion and the destruction of the Ancient Kingdom.

Although the theory doesn’t have a lot of credence, it is the best possible explanation for the Iron Giant apologizing to Luffy (Joyboy). One Piece fans can only hope that more details about the apology and the Iron Giant might be revealed in the next chapter of One Piece which is scheduled to release on April 21, 2024.

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