Stephen Curry’s Desperation Turned Sour After Initial Rejection That Cost Duke Only a Year Later, NBA Veteran Reveals


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Stephen Curry is still dominant on the court, even at 36 years old. He is one of the oldest players in the league and, arguably, the best point guard. But as bizarre as it sounds, the university that Curry wanted to go to didn’t accept him. Despite this setback at Duke University, it hardly discouraged the Golden State Warriors player. In response to the rejection, the four-time champ had an iconic answer, forging his way into the NBA a few years later.

Dell Curry’s former teammate and friend Rex Chapman shared this story on his X.  Chapman noted that he made a call to the assistant coach of the team, Johnny Dawkins. But Michael Krzyzewski, popularly known as Coach K, rejected Stephen Curry right away, saying that they didn’t have a spot for him. But the champ knew his worth and took his talents to Davidson. Just after his freshman year, Chapman began to get calls from numerous programs in hopes that he could convince his best friend’s son Curry to transfer from Davidson.

Notably, it also included Duke, but this time, it was Steph’s turn for a say. “The next evening Dell called me and said he talked to Stephen, and Stephen thought about it overnight. Then he said, “Rex, you know Stephen doesn’t cuss much, but this morning he said, “Dad – eff them. They didn’t want me then and I don’t want them now,” Chapman wrote on X.

Curry was well aware of his talents and knew how to enhance his game. And as expected, he proved it.

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Why did Stephen Curry wish to go join the Blue Devils?

Stephen Curry wished to play for the Blue Devils because he wanted to go to an ACC school. However, when he was rejected, he went to Davidson. It wasn’t a big basketball program and wasn’t as popular as those who rejected him. He knew that he had to level up his game and soon clapped back with his exceptional performance.

He averaged 21.5 points, with 4.6 rebounds and 1.8 steals in his freshman year. Then, he began to get a pool of transfer offers. In 2009, Stephen Curry was selected as the 7th pick by the Golden State Warriors.

Cut to 2024, and now, he is one of the best players in the league. The confidence and power Curry showed to reject the offer by Duke University was unbelievable, given his tough position with the Wildcats. Did you know about this incident? Let us know below.

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