Pet succumbed to cosplay ‘cat model’ Taylor Swift in a series of super love outfits

Pet succumbed to cosplay ‘cat model’ Taylor Swift in a series of super love outfits

Let’s watch the “cat models” show off Taylor Swift’s cosplay skills and vote for a fancy dress!

Famous around the world for its haughty and difficult personality, cats have always retained a certain attraction in the hearts of animal lovers. If ordinary cats with silky soft fur and fluffy “charisma” can make your heart flutter, the series of “cat models” below with the same costume image as Taylor Swift will definitely make you “stand still”. Who would have guessed that the sparkling, shimmering outfits that once “stormed” the fashion world of the “country music princess” are now perfectly applied on the small bodies of cats. Let’s take a look at some of the most gorgeous outfits and vote for our models!


Taylor had an off-the-shoulder glitter glitter dress, Fava also had to shine with an identical design. Although not very intact material, it is okay, ensuring enough shimmer and sexy spirit! And yet, you have to produce a mini trophy to equal you to be enough.


If you have ever been infatuated with the sexy dress with the highlight of the waist used in the scene in Look What You Make Me Do from Balmain fashion house, surely this “knockoff” design of the “Garbanzo cat model” will make you laugh. Besides, cuteness and catching up with trends also come from colorful snakes.


Taylor plays the piano, dressed in a glitter dress, Luna here is no less. Look at me and see if you’re pretty?


Next is the “dancer” Pinto in Shake It Off. To transform into the right range, a specialized bellet dress with a beautiful crown is indispensable to make the perfect look.


The image of the schoolgirl in Taylor’s once-stormy shirt has also been perfectly cosplayed by Chili the cat.


Blue dress for filming the creepy scene in the dark forest I have to catch up with you too, Taylor. To suit the context better, bringing a whole RIP beer for Jelly to act together is too appropriate!


The legendary body suit with the powerful word REP is also difficult to escape Dobby’s hands.

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