(c)Fans BLASTS Jason Kelce for OVERSHARING an UNCOMFORTABLE Information about his personal life after revealing that ‘he does not wear underwear’ even during Matches on New Heights and gave bizarre reasons: ‘This is the kind of information a person with an enormous ego shares… Why do we need to know this?’

Jason Kelce has explained to brother Travis why he doesn’t wear underwear in a hilarious exchange on the latest New Heights episode.

Jason Kelce

The brothers got on to the surprise topic while Chiefs star Travis was reading out a commercial in an early segment of the show, taking the opportunity to put his older sibling on the spot.

Travis said: ‘Tommy John underwear is claiming it has the most comfortable underwear out there and I think you should be the deciding factor on that statement.’

But Jason, 36, was not to be embarrassed. He took the opportunity to own his viewpoint – something that he has spoken about before on the show, but long before the podcast enjoyed its recent surge in popularity.

‘As I’ve said on this show, I do not wear underwear,’ Kelce said. I do not wear underwear based on comfort.

‘I find it unnecessary and problematic to the freedom that my boys like to enjoy. If that is going to change… I don’t think that is going to change, I’m curious to see what Tommy John is offering.’

But the Philadelphia Eagles legend, who retired this year after 13 years in the NFL, said that there are times where he has to wear underwear.

‘Every time I’m doing something physicaI,’ he said. ‘I wear them. My thighs chafe. Running, a lot of walking, I wear them.’

On a New Heights episode in October 2022, almost a year before the show boomed in popularity through Travis dating Taylor Swift, Jason admitted he dislikes wearing underwear.

‘I don’t believe they are necessary,’ he told Travis.

Travis replied: ‘You said you don’t believe in them like it’s Christmas, like it’s a religion or something.’

Here are the comments on Jason Kelce saying he doesn’t wear underwear:

Comments on Jason Kelce not wearing underwear Comments on Jason Kelce not wearing underwear

 Comments on Jason Kelce not wearing underwear Comments on Jason Kelce not wearing underwear

‘I don’t believe they are necessary, I don’t believe there is a useful purpose for them,’ Jason continued. ‘I don’t understand what the purpose is for them.

‘I promise you I do not have skid marks and my prostate is still functioning well. I’m not a leaker so I don’t really understand what the purpose is for them.’

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