(c)Football Star Spends $147 Billion on Sprawling Estate for Cozy Dates with Taylor Swift..

On October 19, TMZ recently reported that Travis Kelce – Taylor Swift’s athlete boyfriend, bought a new house in Kansas City, USA for nearly 6 million USD (about 147 billion VND). It is known that this house is located in a gated residential community with a total of 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a living space of more than 1,486 square meters. Not only that, this place also has a swimming pool attached to a waterfall, tennis court, handball court and miniature golf course.

According to TMZ , the reason Travis Kelce wants to move to a new house is because he wants more privacy. Taylor Swift’s boyfriend felt uncomfortable with his old place because it was too accessible and had many people passing by. In particular, dating Taylor Swift is also said to be one of the reasons why Travis Kelce decided to buy a new house. Because the famous female singer is often followed by paparazzi to take pictures. Therefore, couples need more private and secure space to avoid being disturbed when dating.

Taylor Swift's boyfriend spent nearly 6 million USD to buy a new house, the reason is related to dating the female singer - Photo 1.

Travis Kelce bought a new house for nearly 6 million USD (about 147 billion VND) to ensure privacy when dating Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift's boyfriend spent nearly 6 million USD to buy a new house, the reason is related to dating the singer - Photo 2.

The male rugby player’s old house is too accessible and crowded with people

Previously, on the evening of October 14, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were seen publicly holding hands on the streets of New York, USA, just a few hours before they both appeared together on Saturday Night Live . Although the couple has not officially confirmed their relationship, the affectionate gestures they exchange are the clearest evidence.

Notably, the male rugby player revealed that he started “flirting” with Taylor Swift 2 months ago. Recently, the famous female singer and her friends were seen going to the stadium to cheer Travis Kelce. Taylor Swift is even very close to Donna Kelce – the player’s biological mother born in 1989.

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