American media personality and businesswoman Paris Hilton was ‘Kicked Out’ of Coachella VIP area to make room for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce – ‘Is this because of the Feud between Taylor and Paris?…

Paris Hilton and Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Paris Hilton and husband Reum were forced to leave the Coachella VIP area to make room for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce at Coachella

During the anticipated Coachella 2023, Paris Hilton was reportedly asked to leave the VIP area to make room for Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, Travis Kelce.

This incident sparked curiosity about the exclusive treat toward Taylor and her fame on social media.

Paris Hilton was asked to leave Coachella VIP area to accommodate Taylor Swift

According to sources, the incident happened during a Coachella afterparty, where Hilton and her husband, Carter Reum, were among the celebrities who attended the music festival.

Paris Hilton
The couple were seen dancing on the VIP stage alongside Real Housewives star Kyle Richards.

However, the group of Paris Hilton was asked to leave the VIP area to make room for Taylor Swift. Then, approximately 20 people, including Hilton and her husband Reum were ushered to the end of the platform.

People who were present at the scene said that the situation changed suddenly and unexpectedly.

It became clear that a famous celebrity was about to come because security guards started getting ready.

Travis Kelce, who is Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, went onto the platform first and sat down by himself, with security protecting him.

After a while, Taylor Swift joined him, along with Ice Spice and some other people from their group.

The crowd didn’t notice Taylor Swift’s presence in the VIP section right away.

People who saw them said that Swift and Kelce seemed to be having a good time, laughing, drinking and even kissing while they enjoyed James Kennedy’s DJ set.

At the same time, Paris Hilton and her husband had to go down the stairs and enter a darker VIP bar area.

This incident added another twist to the already eventful Coachella 2024.

The music festival has consistently made headlines, and this year was no exception.

From the price of food grabbing attention to Grimes facing technical problems on stage and Kesha changing song lyrics aimed at Diddy during the event.

Why?? Let them both be there, one user asked.

I’d pick Paris over Taylor, the second said.

I don’t like either of them but I still find this funny. I would of loved to see Paris Hiltons face, when they told her to make room, the third said.

This def didn’t happen. I don’t think Taylor would had allowed that to happen.. she seems humble and nice. I just don’t see that taking place, another suggested.

In a recent interview with The Evening Standard, Courtney Love shared her thoughts on Taylor Swift.

Love stated that she doesn’t consider Swift to be important or interesting as an artist.

While acknowledging Swift’s role as a source of comfort for girls and her popularity akin to Madonna, Love expressed her belief that Swift lacks artistic allure.

“Taylor is not important. She might be a safe space for girls, and she’s probably the Madonna of now, but she’s not interesting as an artist,” she said to the outlet.

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