Adam Sandler Gets His Revenge on Jennifer Aniston After She Jokingly Dissed Him at ‘Murder Mystery 2’ Premiere

Jennifer Aniston, 54, and Adam Sandler, 56, have been friends for what seems like forever, first meeting at a deli in their early 20s long before they would costar in hit comedies like Just Go With It and Murder Mystery. Now, their closeness has become even more apparent on the press tour for their latest film, Murder Mystery 2, as they’re making friendly jabs toward each other at every turn.

It all started at the Los Angeles premiere of their shared film, for which Sandler showed up in a sweatshirt. “What the hell are you doing?!” Aniston asked when she saw his casual ensemble. “I’m not standing next to him. Sweatpants.”

Of course, her comment was all in good fun, and Sandler revealed on the red carpet that his costar actually told him to wear something casual. “You said it, you texted me, ‘Please wear your sweatshirt,’” Sandler said.

However, a couple days after the event, Sandler got his payback when the pair sat down for an interview with USA TODAY. The Uncut Gems actor joked that during his kissing scenes with Aniston, he would say: “For God’s sake, keep your mouth closed.”

“It was so wide!” he said. “Every time, she’d come with a big, wide mouth, and I’d be like, ‘Whoa-ho-ho-ho-ho, whoa! What are we doing?’”

Of course, as USA TODAY pointed out, Aniston joked back in 2019 that she had to tell Sandler to apply beard oil prior to their kissing scenes in the first Murder Mystery film.

We can never get enough of these two.

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Jennifer Aniston Had a Major Wardrobe Mishap While Filming ‘Murder Mystery 2’

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