Netflix Made Adam Sandler Abandon $1.3B Selena Gomez Franchise He Himself Built from Scratch

When it comes to comedy, Adam Sandler is a serious player.

The fourth and final installment in the Hotel Transylvania series, Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is streaming on Amazon Prime. But something was missing.

First of all, we won’t experience the adventure of Hotel Transylvania any longer since Sony Pictures decided to end the franchise with this film. Fans were gradually getting used to the significant story, production, and casting changes that this 2022 film brought.

Also, fans, who watched the fourth Hotel Transylvania film may have noticed a change in the voice cast. That is because new actors have been cast in both Dracula and Frankenstein (Adam Sandler and Kevin James, respectively).
Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler

Well, this must be noted that Sandler voiced Dracula in the first three Hotel Transylvania films.


Why Was Adam Sandler Missing In Hotel Transylvania 4?

Adam Sandler and Kevin James provided the voices for the two traditional horror monsters in the first three movies. For the fourth installment, both were absent and voice actors, Brian Hull and Brad Abrell, respectively, have taken their places.

While Sandler and James have left the franchise, Selena Gomez, Steve Buscemi and Andy Samberg are still involved. Co-director of Transformania, Derek Drymon once said in an interview with the UK’s Radio Times:

“The fact that [Sandler] turns into a human [in the new film] was a good opportunity to do things a little differently. He could be a little different than he was in the movies, and it would be natural. So, it kind of was the perfect movie to have a person come in and fill those shoes.”

Why Adam Sandler Was Missing In Hotel Transylvania 4?

Why Was Adam Sandler Missing In Hotel Transylvania 4?
This answer has not won the support of everyone. For instance, the entertainment news website, Hidden Remote stated:

“That really does not make any sense.”

It should be noted that Sandler had reportedly signed new development deals with Netflix, which explained his absence from this movie. He extended his Netflix deal in January 2020 for four other movies, with the new agreement reportedly worth $250 million.


Who Stepped in for Adam Sandler?

Brian Hull was hired by Sony Pictures to take Adam Sandler’s place. He has worked on the franchise before; he provided the voice for the character in the short film, Monster Pets. He said the following in a previous YouTube video:

“I have huge news to deliver to y’all, that I have been holding in for far too long! But the trailer just got dropped today and I can finally talk about it. I am going to be the voice of Dracula for the fourth Hotel Transylvania movie: Hotel Transylvania: Transformania! This is real y’all!,”

Brian Hull Stepped in for Adam SandlerBrian Hull Stepped in for Adam Sandler
Director of Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, Jennifer Kluska once spoke with Screen Rant about Sandler’s replacement. He, however, explained how Dracula’s humanity changed circumstances:

 “We started with the design, and how do we make that character feel as different as possible. He’s not going to animate the same; he’s not going to look the same. And it felt like embracing Brian and, more specifically, embracing what the difference in that would be as a human. It felt like it was a great opportunity.”

Dracula and Frankenstein in "Hotel Transylvania 2."Dracula and Frankenstein in “Hotel Transylvania 2.”
Also note that Selena Gomez not only provided the voice for Mavis Dracula, (Dracula’s daughter) but also served as the film’s (Hotel Transylvania 4) executive producer.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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