Billie Eilish and 10 seconds of super hot stories: 3 masterpieces waiting for the day to ‘land’

Perhaps Billie Eilish wants to end the decade of 2019 in a big way to get off to a flawless start?

Just recently, the fan community everywhere had to have a “stand still” with the extremely unforeseen move from the new generation Pop princess: Billie Eilish. Specifically, she posted a 10-second story sharing that: “Yes, the music video of the song Xanny will be released in the near future.

And I’m going to release 2 songs that haven’t been released before.” In addition, before ending the video story, Billie also wittily urged everyone: “Stay calm and wait patiently!” Billie EIlish with a 10-second story has become the talk of the USUK fan community today.

Billie Eilish’s super hot 10-second story shared that she will release 3 works in the near future. Maybe she wants to end 2019 on a big note?

Xanny – a song from the successful album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? will be turned into a MV and accompanying it will be the 2 latest compositions.

It couldn’t be otherwise, this action of the Bad Guy vocalist has aroused quite a lot of attention especially from the fan community. Many people are extremely excited to continue enjoying her new music video work along with new songs, but there are still many conflicting opinions. Many commented that she should not turn Xanny into a music video because the quality of the song is quite bad compared to the rest of the songs on the album and urged her to use another option.

Many people were extremely excited because Xanny finally became a music video.

However, there are still some opinions that Xanny is the worst song on the album.

“Xanny is the worst song on the album, we want My Strange Addiction,” one netizen said.

“I think the 3 songs I Love You, My Strange Addiction and Wish You Were Gay also deserve to be a music video (besides Xanny).”

Will Billie change her choices to satisfy the audience?

There has been no official response from Billie Eilish to the incident. However, in order for an artist to be willing to spend a large amount of money and turn his composition into a music video, surely that composition must have something very important to that artist. This probably also explains Billie’s choice when choosing Xanny song to make the next MV. Perhaps Billie’s motives run much deeper than just influencing.

Will Xanny along with Billie Eilish’s latest 2 songs have the same effect as Bad Guy? Stay tuned!

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