“Poor Dude Starving for Attention”- Austin Rivers Takes a Dig While Responding to Stephen Jackson’s ‘Irrelevant’ Comment

Austin Rivers Takes a Dig While Responding to Stephen Jackson’s ‘Irrelevant’ CommentStephen Jackson, Austin Rivers (Image Source: Getty Images)

After a recent conversation, there appears to be growing animosity between Stephen Jackson and Austin Rivers, two former NBA players. Jackson labeled Rivers irrelevant, which prompted Rivers to reply on X, the previous Twitter platform.

Austin Rivers’ thoughts on NBA players trying out for the NFL and vice versa were posed to Jackson. Jackson retorted that Rivers was unimportant and didn’t want to be involved in any debate with him.

Austin Rivers replied to a post on X, “This so ironic considering he stays having my name in his mouth. (I have never met this guy btw lol) The comments say it all. He’s at it again lmao!! Poor dude starving for attention. Sad sight tbh. I honestly wish him nothing but the best fr. Good God bro…grow up”

NFL players wouldn’t do as well in the NBA, despite Rivers’ audacious boast last month that he could take 30 NBA players and make them successful there. Regarding Rivers’ remark, Jackson responded: “I don’t want to ask a question with his name is phrased in. Austin Rivers is somebody not relevant nowhere.”

Earlier, a Former NBA Player Also Shared His Opinion on Austin Rivers

Former Los Angeles Clippers player Matt Barnes recently sparked controversy by saying that during the “Lob City” period, Doc Rivers interfered with the team’s hopes of winning a title.

The team’s reputation as “Lob City” came from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan’s frequent, spectacular alley-oop dunks. Point guard Chris Paul frequently assisted the team. Barnes blamed Doc Rivers’ choice to give his son Austin Rivers a three-year, $35 million contract in 2016 for the team’s demise.

Barnes responded on Instagram, saying: “Nah Doc broke that s**t up when he paid his son that money. He lost the team after that.”

According to the NBA Website, Austin Rivers averaged 11.1 points, 2.5 assists, and 2.1 rebounds after four seasons with the Clippers. Although the Lob City Clippers enjoyed a strong off-court rapport in 2022, Barnes said this did not convert to on-court success.

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