Oilers Stanley Cup Finals ticket prices are revealed and fans are shocked

Edmonton Oilers home arena, Rogers Place.
Photo credit: Rogers Place

The Stanley Cup Finals are the pinnacle of the NHL, and now that they once again feature a Canadian team, prices are absolutely through the roof.

It’s common knowledge that Canadian fans are the most passionate and beloved hockey fans in the world, but sometimes that’s not always a great thing. Now is a perfect example of that, as prices for the Stanley Cup Finals in Edmonton have been revealed, and it’s not a good look for any common fans looking to take in the event.

These are the cheapest tickets to Game 4 in Edmonton.

What happened was season ticket holders got a presale code (cheapest was $550 ish). General public sales started at $850 and now it’s all resale with people trying to put their kids through college.


In a social media report, World Hockey Report has revealed that the original prices came in at $550 for season ticket holders and $850 for general fans, but now, the resale market has exploded. It appears as though the cheapest prices are now approaching $1,900, and that’s to sit in the 200’s level, so it’s safe to say if you want a chance to witness history, it will be a costly night out.

In contrast, games taking place in Florida in this series will begin in the $500 range, a much more affordable option for those looking to cheer on their home team. Ultimately, the arena will likely be sold out, but for regular fans looking to take in history, most will have to settle from watching on their TV.

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