Billie Eilish Reacts To Leak Of Her Unreleased Song ‘Ken’

The ‘What Was I Made For?’ Songstress Warns People, ‘Don’t Make Me Get Mad,’ After Her Track Titled ‘Ken’, Which Is Not Related To The ‘Barbie’ Movie, Was Unofficially Released Online.

AceShowbiz – Not all of Billie Eilish’s music is for public consumption but some people do not take no for an answer. The singer has fallen victim to online hack as one of her unreleased songs has been leaked online.

Earlier this month, the song titled “Ken” made its way out on social media without authorization from the two-time Academy Award winner. On it, she makes references to Barbie and Ken. “This my play pen (Play pen)/ Borderline thinkin’ like Barbie/ Baby, can you play Ken? (Play Ken),” she sings in the chorus.

The song “Ken”, also known as “Barbie”, was recorded by Billie in 2019 and reportedly intended to feature Denzel Curry. The song, which has no relation to the “Barbie” movie, first hit the web on March 17 when it was revealed that Denzel had been sent the song with an open verse.

On March 20, Billie’s brother FINNEAS took to a TikTok comments section to claim that the leak was “fake.” However, it was quickly debunked by leakers who obtained the original file of the song.

After the leaked song gained traction on the Internet, Billie has spoken up on the matter. She recently took to her Instagram Story to seemingly address the leak. “y’all that song is 7 years old don’t make me get mad,” she wrote in the since-deleted Story.

A fan supported Billie following her response to the leak. “Yes control the narrative, own your craft,” the said person urged the Grammy winner. A second fan loved the song regardless, begging, “please it’s sooooooooo good i need itt.”

While Billie never officially released “Ken”, years later she would write “What Was I Made For?” for the “Barbie” movie. The song, which was featured in Greta Gerwig’s 2023 fantasy comedy, earned the 22-year-old singer/songwriter her second Academy Award, making her the youngest 2-time Academy Award winner ever.

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