Henry Cavill talks about sacrificing sleep as he celebrates his special day with Natalie Viscuso

Henry Cavill is one seasoned charmer in the world of stars, but when it comes to his conduct, he is a layered individual.

For fans, he might be the former Superman or the retired Geralt. Yet, away from the screens, he embodies the role of a caring father to his beloved furry companions.

Together with his partner Natalie Viscuso, they make the most adorable family of four. While tales of his wonderful canine companions find their way onto his social media platforms, the most recent one talks about sacrificing naps, but probably not his.

The post in concern, featuring a heartwarming collection of snapshots with his beloved dogs, however, was shared for a particular reason—to celebrate a special occasion.

Henry Cavill posts a photo dump with his dogs and Natalie Viscuso for this reason

Henry Cavill is a dog person and his love for his homebound canines may be beyond measure. At times, this involves earning their approval to collaborate with other animals, while at other times, it involves them becoming his perfect travel partner.

His very latest Instagram dump with Baggins, Kal, and Natalie Viscuso on the occasion of Baggins’ birthday was actually a tease for his Akita, whose “uninterrupted naps” took a sail with his companion’s incoming.

As Cavill says, although Kal is now “one friend richer”, seamless snoozes for him are now things of the past. He began the post with a crisp birthday wish while his next lines were a frolicsome banter for Kal, whose golden days of being the only child became a similar sight to his undisturbed rest.

With the first slide beginning with an endearing selfie with his Akita and French Bulldog, the rest continued with throwbacks of baby photos following recent pictures of Baggins. One of them even had a snap of Baggins lounging on Viscuso’s lap.

Even though Kal’s sleepless nights could be courtesy of Baggins, for the trio, this addition means more than the world. Especially since his arrival came after one of the hardest phases of Cavill’s life.

Baggins: A blessing for the Cavill family

Last year, in April, Henry Cavill bid his farewell to his friend of more than 14 years, Meat, a French Bulldog. Cavill shared in a post to welcome Baggins how Meat’s life had a big impact on him and the “hurt” left “a hole” in his heart. However, in June, the actor and his girlfriend decided to revisit his old friend in Baggins and welcomed him to the family with an official letter on Instagram.

Cavill acknowledged that “there is no replacing Meatboi”. But as “life must go on”, both Natalie Viscuso and Cavill took their decision to open a “new chapter” of their lives where Baggins is now a big part.

He shared how poles apart both Kal and Baggins are since the former is a “tropey grumpy old man” while Baggins is a combination of “a little wonder” and “a little terror”. Hence, hoping that this special day every year brings health and fun for Baggins while his efforts to bring fewer sleepless nights to his dear old friend could be a good birthday resolution.

What do you think of Henry Cavill’s post with his dogs and Natalie Viscuso for Baggins’ birthday? Let us know in the comments below!

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