‘I want to wear them!’ Billie Eilish on why she recycled her 2020 Oscars look

Billie Eilish attended the 2024 Costume Designers Guild Awards in Hollywood last night as a guest of honor. The singer received the Vanguard Spotlight Award, which honors a trailblazing visionary who utilizes their sense of style to highlight other avant-garde designers.

The actress, who shared a Golden Globe with her brother Finneas for Best Original Song with the Barbie song “What Was I Made For?”, was also praised for her commitment to dressing in sustainable and repurposed clothing.

According to a release, Eilidh has always put ethics first and infused her views into her appearance, all the while staying loyal to herself and never sacrificing her image.

Billie Eilish in the Gucci look at the 2020 Oscars

It is true that Eilish has frequently utilized her position to promote sustainable practices. Examples of this include her “Overheated” conference in 2022, which focused on climate change, and her Gucci gown for the 2022 Met Gala, which was created completely of repurposed materials. It follows that her red carpet appearance at the CDGAs was equally environmentally conscious.

The actress decided to repurpose her 2020 Oscars ensemble, which was created by Gucci’s creative director at the time, rather than donning a brand-new or unique piece of clothing. The outfit consisted of the identical glittering shirt, pants, and monogrammed mesh top that was worn underneath.

Eilish believed that continuing her red carpet recycling was the ideal way to make a more considered fashion statement at the event. Eilish tells Vogue that “wearing only new clothes all the time is unnecessary and unsustainable.””

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have access to an amazing wardrobe for both my public appearances and performances. I wanted to wear them again to honor their beauty and the artistry of everyone who created and manufactured them.

When Eilish and her brother Finneas performed at the 2020 Oscars, they donned the Gucci ensemble for the first time. During the In Memoriam special, they covered the Beatles song “Yesterday.”

Celebrities are under continual pressure to produce innovative outfits and make lasting fashion statements, so Eilish’s plea for increased repurposing and repeating last night was welcome. She says, “I do not want them to just live in an archive if I love them.” “I want to put them on!”

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