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AND THEN….What’s going to happen when Suri Cruise turns 18?

As Suri Cruise’s birthday approaches, the distance between the once “little Hollywood princess” and her famous father is even further apart. According to the divorce agreement with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise ends his pension obligations on the day his daughter turns 18 years old.

Father’s love is conditional

Suri Cruise was once the most famous baby in America. When she was born on April 18, 2006, the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes created a global fever and was sought after by the press. In the fifth month of her life, the girl first appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine – an honor that only international A-list stars have – in the arms of her parents.

Chuyện gì sắp xảy ra khi Suri Cruise 18 tuổi? - Ảnh 1.

Before the age of 6, Suri was a little princess of Hollywood, admired by the whole world

Now, before the age of 18, Suri is no longer the “little Hollywood princess” of the past, but instead is a normal young woman who grew up under the care and protection of her devoted mother, Katie Holmes.

No one knows which life Suri prefers, only that since the age of 6, she has been separated from her famous father, Tom Cruise, as well as the Scientology sect. International media repeatedly confirmed that Suri was estranged from the actor born in 1962 and that the two no longer had any connection except blood.

In an interview with Glamor magazine in 2023, Katie said she wanted to protect her daughter from public attention because Suri stood out too much when she was young.

“I’m so grateful to be a parent, to be her parent. She is an amazing person. She is my heart,” the 46-year-old actress shared.

Similar words were said by the Mission: Impossible star shortly after Suri was born.

“All my life I always wanted to be a father. I always tell myself my children can count on me and that I will always be there for them and love them. I never make a promise to my children that I can’t keep. I’m not someone who believes that someone can spoil a child with too much love. You can never give too much love to a child. There is no way,” the actor declared in Vanity Fair in 2006.

Reality shows that, unlike Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise’s love is conditional. During the first 6 years of her life, Suri was given the utmost care by her father, from taking her to attend major entertainment events to covering her body with branded items… However, everything ended the moment Tom signed the paper. Divorce petition prepared by Katie. He completely abandoned the child he once “cared for like an egg, cherished like a flower”.

Suri is clearly not Tom’s top priority, at least above the girl with Scientology. The promise to always be there and love her children is no longer valid for Suri, but is true for her two adopted children Isabella (31 years old) and Connor (29 years old) because they followed their father to join the cult.

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Tom Cruise is closer to his two adopted children than his biological children because of the Scientology sect

Milestone of age 18

In 2012, Katie unilaterally filed for divorce from Tom after 6 years of marriage with the help of her biological father, lawyer Martin Holmes. The Holmes father and son planned in secret, to the point of using disposable phones to avoid being tracked, in order to help the beauty at the crossroads of life have a smooth exit and have custody of her children.

Tom was completely surprised by the divorce. At that time, he was filming the movie Oblivion in Iceland. The last time the actor was seen with Suri was at Disney World in the summer of 2012.

In November 2013, during the $50 million trial against two tabloid magazines, the Top Sun star admitted his ex-wife filed for divorce to protect Suri from Scientology.

Even though there is no longer any emotional relationship, according to the divorce agreement, Tom agreed to provide $400,000/year in support until Suri turned 18 years old, along with medical, dental, insurance, education, and college expenses. study and other extracurricular expenses. Meanwhile, Katie is said to have signed multiple non-disclosure documents, preventing her from talking about her marriage to Tom as well as her time in contact with Scientology. It is believed that this is the condition for the Dawson’s Creek beauty to have full custody of her children.

However, when Suri turns 18 on April 18, New York state law recognizes her as an adult. That means no one can stop her from sharing some things about her father.

Tony Ortega, an expert on Scientology for decades, commented on Page Six: “Suri is probably too young to sign any agreement. But now she is free to talk if she wants and it will be really interesting if she has something to say.”

Suri Cruise, 17, looks so grown up as Tom's daughter seen wearing tank top & face full of makeup during solo NYC outing | The US Sun

At 18 years old, nothing can stop Suri if she wants to share something about her famous father

What future for Suri Cruise?

Journalist Ortega said part of the reason Katie was determined to leave Tom when Suri was 6 years old was because she saw Isabella and Connor become part of Scientology.

Tom Cruise is known as the most famous follower of the cult, even considered one of the most powerful figures, second only to leader David Miscavige.

Tom’s position has led Ortega and other former Scientology members to question what Miscavige and other members of the sect may have done to Katie and her daughter.

According to Ortega, typically, Scientology members are required to completely cut off their families if they do not join the same cult. However, because he is a top celebrity, Tom ignores this rule. If others violate, Miscavige will certainly expel them, but the cult leader cannot do that to Tom. Mr. Ortega suspects the target was transferred to Katie and Suri.

“Suri’s situation is a bigger story about Scientology and about how they make people disappear,” said Jeff Augustine, who was married to Karen de la Carriere, a senior member of Scientology until her departure in 2010. useful or threatening to them as if they no longer exist. That’s what happened to Suri.”

Chuyện gì sắp xảy ra khi Suri Cruise 18 tuổi? - Ảnh 5.

Before the most important age milestone in life, the question about Suri Cruise’s future is of concern again

Meanwhile, in August 2020, former Scientology member Leah Remini believed that Tom Cruise had a plan to wait for Suri to be older to lure her into joining the cult and away from her biological mother.

However, former Scientology spokesman Mike Rinder stated on Page Six: “Suri is not and has never been a part of Scientology… She deserves love and sympathy.”

Until now, despite not appearing much in public, Suri has accumulated some experience in the entertainment industry. She sang Blue Moon in the opening of her mother’s film, Alone Together (2022). She also contributed her voice in Rare Objects (2023) directed by Katie.

It’s unclear if Suri is interested in the entertainment industry, but her near future is going to college, gradually moving away from her mother’s arms. Katie had been preparing for this for years.

“You want them to be with you forever. But they are wonderful beings and you have to do everything you can to give them what they need, then they will be gone. It will be very, very sad.” for me,” the actress told Town & Country in 2017.

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