‘JUST LIKE 50 said!’: Nicki Minaj LEAKS Audio Proving Meek Mill & Diddy Had An Affair?! HO

‘JUST LIKE 50 said!’: Nicki Minaj LEAKS Audio Proving Meek Mill & Diddy Had An Affair?! HO

Rumors about Diddy and Meek ain’t nothing new, but now it’s getting real messy. So there’s this massive 73-page lawsuit making the rounds, and let me tell you, it’s packed with some juicy details and some eye-opening pics. And who’s at the center of it all? None other than Diddy himself. But that’s nothing new.

What’s got everyone talking is the tea Lil Rod dropped on Diddy’s affair with Meek Mill. Like who would’ve expected that? Meek Mill did his best to beat the allegations, but now there’s new audio proof dropped and there’s no way he can deny it now.

Diddy Exposed 4 Smashing Meek Mill While He Was With Nicki Minaj - YouTube

Meek Mill and P. Diddy have found themselves at the center of attention due to a recent lawsuit filled with shocking allegations. The lawsuit, spanning a massive 73 pages, accuses Diddy of various crimes, including running a criminal enterprise akin to a Rico operation. One of the most surprising revelations from the lawsuit is the claim of an affair between Diddy and Meek Mill.

The lawsuit, filed by producer Rodney Jones, implicates Diddy in serious criminal activities, including recruiting young individuals, dealing substances from his Miami mansion, and using his connections to law enforcement to cover his tracks. Meek Mill’s name surfaced in connection with this affair, and despite his attempts to deny the allegations, new audio evidence seems to corroborate the claims.

Meek Mill has been vocal online, firing shots at the allegations but failing to entirely refute them. Furthermore, old clips of Nicki Minaj have resurfaced, hinting at Meek’s questionable behavior, drawing parallels to his past relationship with Cassie.

The lawsuit doesn’t just target Diddy; it implicates various figures in the music industry, including Universal Music Group, Motown Records, and prominent individuals like Lucian Grainge and Ethiopia HT Maria. It also alleges that Diddy’s chief of staff, Christina Corum, and his son, Justin, are involved in the scandal.

Rodney Jones accuses Diddy of making unwanted advances and trying to manipulate him into questionable situations, even involving other celebrities like Stevie J. The lawsuit details instances of Diddy’s inappropriate behavior, including trying to involve Rodney in rendezvous with escorts.

While the lawsuit doesn’t directly name Meek Mill and Usher, it drops enough hints for internet sleuths to connect the dots. Clues point to Meek Mill as the “Philly rapper” who dated Nicki Minaj, while Usher is hinted at as the R&B singer who performed at the Super Bowl and had a residency in Vegas.

Usher’s past comments about living with Diddy during his early career have raised eyebrows, especially when he discussed the lifestyle at “Puffy’s flavor camp.” Meek Mill, on the other hand, has been depicted chilling by the pool while Diddy hypes him up.


Meek Mill’s Alleged S3xual Relationship With Diddy: Fans Suspect Nicki Minaj Exposed Her Ex-boyfriend Years Ago With a Subtle Hint

As Meek Mill’s name gets dragged into Diddy’s controversy, fans dig up an old Instagram live of Nicki Minaj where she hints that she knew about it all along.

Controversies just keep piling up for Sean “Diddy” Combs, and the rapper has recently found himself in one more. Diddy is currently facing a lawsuit filed by one of his former employees for s*xual harassment, s*xual assault, and grooming. And now, artists Meek Mill and Usher have also been roped into the controversy for allegedly having s*xual intercourse with Diddy, even though their names were not mentioned in the lawsuit.

Diddy in the music video for ACT BAD

Diddy in the music video for ACT BAD

Even Internet personality Andrew Tate couldn’t help himself from making a comment on Usher and Meek Mill’s involvement in the controversy. On the other hand, thanks to an old Instagram live session, fans were quick to point out that rapper Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill’s ex-girlfriend, seemingly knew all about his and Diddy’s s*xual relationships.

Meek Mill Gets Caught Up in Diddy’s Controversy

Meek Mill in a still from Intro (Hate on Me)

Meek Mill in a still from Intro (Hate on Me)

On February 28, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ former employee, Rodney ‘Lil Rod’ Jones, accused Diddy of s*xual assault, s*xual harassment, and grooming in a lawsuit made against the rapper (as per CNN). Jones worked as a videographer and producer for Diddy between 2022-2023, as per the complaint. Jones also claimed that Diddy did not pay him for the work he did, served alcoholic drinks laced with drugs to guests, forced Jones to obtain and interact with s*x workers, and more. In short, Jones is suing Diddy for $30 million.

Two other big names in the industry – Meek Mill and Usher – also got caught in the whole mess, even though their names were not mentioned anywhere in the 70-page-long lawsuit. However, the hints were enough for fans to do some sleuth work and make the connections. In the lawsuit, it was claimed that Diddy had s*xual intercourse with a “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj” and someone who performed “at the Super Bowl and had a successful Vegas residency.” Fans were quick to connect the dots and are claiming that the lawsuit is hinting at Mill and Usher.

Andrew Tate also joined in on the conversation when he replied to his months-old tweet about how he avoids speaking to famous people “because theyre all gay and weird.” The tweet was from December 23, 2023, and Tate replied to his own tweet just yesterday (28 February), stating,

Mill shot back at Tate, replying, “Was you s*x trafficking women? Tf wrong wit you Brody.” The former replied, stating that he was merely asking a question about something everyone was talking about.

Fans Claim Nicki Minaj Knew All About Meek Mill and Diddy

Nicki Minaj in Bang Bang

Nicki Minaj in Bang Bang

Nothing can ever be lost on the Internet. Someone, somewhere, will always be able to dig up the old posts you made on social media, and something similar has happened to Nicki Minaj. The Bang Bang rapper went live with Soulja Boy two years ago when she asked him, “Do you think it’s a lot of undercover brothers in the industry…?” The question sent Soulja Boy into a frenzy, and he replied, laughing that he didn’t know anything about that. Minaj continued, “Okay…Cause’ I do.”

Fans concluded that Minaj knew everything about the relationship between Mill and Diddy. They also recalled how the rapper was dragged online for making such comments back then.

Minaj and Mill dated for nearly two years before going their separate ways in 2017. It looks like Minaj has to once again relive her past relationship thanks to the lawsuit and fans bringing up her name.

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