Rihanna’s journey to find HAPPINESS: 1 REASON Rihanna chose A$AP Rocky to be a father of her kids was… | HO

Rihanna’s journey to find HAPPINESS: 1 REASON Rihanna chose A$AP Rocky to be a father of her kids was…

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Rihanna’s romantic journey has been scrutinized under the spotlight, from tumultuous relationships with Chris Brown and Drake to her more recent involvement with ASAP Rocky. Despite her vow to avoid musicians after the chaos with Brown and Drake, ASAP Rocky has emerged as a seemingly ideal partner and father figure, setting him apart from her previous toxic experiences.

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In 2016, Rihanna took to Instagram to assert that the failure of her past relationships was not a reflection on herself, pointing out that none of her exes were happily married or in fulfilling relationships. Chris Brown faced legal battles and allegations of assault, Drake was navigating single parenthood, and Hassan Jameel struggled to move on from his previous marriage.

The turbulent relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown began when they were young artists, initially starting as friends before blossoming into a passionate romance in 2007. However, Brown’s darker side emerged, with infidelity and possessiveness poisoning their connection. Despite Rihanna’s hope for change, the relationship turned toxic, culminating in a highly publicized assault that left her humiliated and hurt.

Seeking solace, Rihanna turned to Drake, a longtime friend, but their dynamic was fraught with complications. Despite their intimate moments, Rihanna hesitated to label their relationship, leading to Drake feeling used and resentful. Despite Drake’s efforts to win her over, including public declarations of love, their connection ultimately fizzled out in 2017.

In 2017, Rihanna found herself drawn to Hassan Jameel, a Saudi billionaire whom she saw as a potential life partner and father to her future children. However, cultural differences and familial pressures contributed to their eventual breakup, leaving Rihanna heartbroken once again.

Enter ASAP Rocky, who emerged as a supportive partner unlike any she had experienced before. Their friendship blossomed into romance, marked by mutual respect and shared dreams. Rocky’s willingness to prioritize Rihanna’s needs and support her career aspirations set him apart from her previous partners. Despite initial reservations, Rihanna found comfort in Rocky’s presence, even celebrating holidays with each other’s families.

Rocky’s commitment to being a supportive partner and father figure became evident when he encouraged Rihanna to return to work shortly after giving birth. His devotion to both Rihanna and their child showcases his dedication to family life. Unlike her past relationships, Rocky’s ability to balance support and respect for Rihanna’s independence has solidified his role as the ideal partner and parent in her life.

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In conclusion, while Rihanna’s journey through love has been tumultuous and marked by heartbreak, her relationship with ASAP Rocky represents a newfound sense of stability and mutual respect. Rocky’s unwavering support and devotion have transformed him into the perfect partner and parent for Rihanna, offering her the love and security she has longed for.


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