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LEARN FROM CELEBRITIES: 5 fashion items that create the youthful style of Hollywood female stars in the summer

If you want your summer style to be more youthful, you should buy the following 5 fashion items.

Hollywood beauties have a very gorgeous and luxurious red carpet style. However, when walking around the street, they choose simpler, more comfortable clothes. The street style of Hollywood beauties impresses with its sophistication and does not go out of fashion after a few years. Besides, their style also exudes youthfulness. The reason is because Hollywood beauties often prioritize the following 5 age-hacked fashion “treasures”:

White T-shirt

White T-shirts “take over” the street style of Hollywood stars from year to year

This shirt model gives a good age-hacking effect, while still remaining elegant. White T-shirts are an item that women can combine in the simplest way, such as mixing them with jeans or casual pants, and the look will still impress. Hollywood beauties often tuck in or choose low-cut t-shirts so that even when wearing flat shoes, the overall look is still tall and elegant.

Beige pants

Beige pants are one of the summer fashion trends of 2023. This type of pants is popular with Hollywood beauties because of its timeless beauty. Beige pants have a youthful look, but still exude elegance and sophistication. This type of pants is not difficult to coordinate. And if you combine beige pants with a pastel pink shirt or white t-shirt, you will have an eye-catching overall outfit. To ensure the elegance of the beige pants set, girls should wear neutral-colored shoes.

White sneakers

It can be said that white sneakers are one of the most loved sports shoe models by Hollywood stars. White sneakers not only have youthfulness and dynamism but also bring sophistication to the outfit. White sneakers can be combined well with many outfit styles, such as a tank top + personality wide-leg jeans combo, or a stylish one-piece set. Adding a pair of white sneakers to your wardrobe will help you complete your youthful outfit set throughout the four seasons all year round.


We cannot forget to mention jeans in the list of fashion “treasures” that help rejuvenate style. Jeans have a youthful and dusty look. In addition, if you mix clothes skillfully, your outfit will also exude elegance. Hollywood beauties combine jeans with shirts such as t-shirts, sweaters or blouses/shirts… These formulas are very trendy, any girl can conquer them.

Patterned dress

It would be a mistake if your summer style didn’t include one-piece dresses. Instead of limiting their style to plain colored dresses, Hollywood beauties often wear patterned dresses. This design stands out and hacks the age effectively. For a sophisticated look, women should choose dresses with classic patterns such as polka dots or plaids, with elegant color combinations. Finally, finish off your outfit with white sneakers or loafers to score maximum style points.

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