‘Make them a more relatable version of the Kardashians’: Travis worries his appearances at Taylor’s tour stops are hindering their ccareers | HO

‘Make them a more relatable version of the Kardashians’: Travis worries his appearances at Taylor’s tour stops are hindering their ccareers | HO

No to LDR? Travis Kelce Cannot Bear to Be Away From Taylor Swift Amid Their  Busy Schedule | Music Times

Just like Taylor Swift was at Travis Kelce’s side during the Super Bowl, he’s been joining for many of her Eras tour stops this year, including appearances in Australia and Singapore.

But this may be slowing down, as a new report claims that Travis worries he’s distracting Taylor and impeding her ongoing tour.

Speaking to The Mirror, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman claimed that while Travis will likely be at a few European tour stops, she predicts he’ll slow things down, as he believes it’s in the best interest of their careers.

Why Travis Doesn’t Mind If Taylor Misses Him

Did Jason Kelce confirm Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce dating?

“Travis wants to keep his relationship on an even keel, says the 4 of Disks Tarot card,” she explained. “He doesn’t want to lose the stability that he has with his creative lady, and will come to visit a few European destinations with her when she’s touring the continent.”

The celebrity expert continued, “However, Travis doesn’t want to overstay his welcome. The 8 of Wands Tarot card says that when the athlete feels that he’s more of a hindrance, he’ll catch a flight home.”

Honigman said that he knows in the short-term Taylor may be sad they’re separated, but Travis apparently believes it’ll be best in the long-term.

“[He] respects the fact that Taylor is working and would rather miss her from afar than disturb her close by,” she continued. “He’ll have the opportunity to pop over again, a few weeks into the European leg of her tour, and so he’ll visit Europe with her a second time before the season starts.”

Travis May Want To Focus On His Rumored Reality Show

Travis Kelce Left Sydney Already! Only Spent A Day With Taylor Swift! -  Perez Hilton

It may not only be Taylor’s career that Travis is thinking of. Recent reports claim that NFL star is being considered by several networks for his own reality show alongside his brother Jason Kelce.

The show would likely explore their personal lives. Jason, who announced his NFL retirement earlier this year, is married to Kylie Kelce and they have three kids.

But it’s likely Travis’ romance with Taylor that would be the storyline fans are eager to see (though it’s unclear how down Taylor would be for a reality show role).

“Producers are sniffing around the entire Kelce family, especially Jason and his wife Kylie,” an insider claimed. “The idea is to make them a more relatable version of the Kardashians.”

“The level of interest in the Kelces since Travis started dating Taylor has not gone unnoticed in Hollywood, but it’s also very clear that they’re super thirsty for attention,” they continued.

According to the insider, Travis and Jason are enthusiastically seizing “every moneymaking opportunity” that presents itself, and they exhibit no hesitation in sharing their lives openly.

Consequently, the prospect of a reality show appears to be an obvious choice for them.

This sentiment aligns with previous reports indicating a significant boost in Travis’ net worth, which is attributed to his association with Taylor.

This newfound financial status not only opens doors to lucrative promotional deals but also contributes to heightened sales of his merchandise, particularly his jerseys, so it would make sense that Travis is eager to take advantage of other opportunities to grow his reported $30 million net worth.


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