YOU HAVE PUSHED THINGS TOO FAR: Lala REACTS On People Saying 50 Cent Has Been SMASH!NG Her – Sobriety is a sensitive subject for Lala Kent | HO

Lala REACTS On People Saying 50 Cent Has Been SMASH!NG Her – Sobriety is a sensitive subject for Lala Kent | HO

It’s hard to name those 50 Cent iconic Tv series without mentioning Lala Anthony.

She has been with 50 Cents in every step of the way and their bond has been very solid.

Oh yeah, so due to that chemistry people have been saying 50 Cent might have been low key smashing the actress.

As a response, Lala came out and strongly disagree with those allergies and this is what she has to say, listen.

Lala Kent Thinks 50 Cent ‘Hit Below The Belt’ & Was ‘Completely Out Of Line’ Calling Her ‘A Drunk’

Sobriety is a sensitive subject for Lala Kent, 29, who has attended AA meetings ever since giving up the bottle in Oct. 2018. So, it was unsettling for the Vanderpump Rules star to see 50 Cent, 44, drag her past battle with alcoholism so mercilessly by calling her a “drunk h**,” “drunk face” and “crackhead” in a series of Instagram posts between Sept. 13-16.

50 Cent Shades Lala Kent As 'A Drunk' After Her 'Dinged Ego' Comment – Hollywood Life

“Lala feels that 50 Cent has hit way below the belt in his social media campaign against her. Lala has struggled with her demons and has worked incredibly hard on her sobriety and thinks 50 was completely out of line,” a source EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife.

One simple comment set off 50’s tirade against Lala. While appearing on the Sept. 12 episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Bravo star claimed she had a “receipt” to prove that she “dinged” the rapper’s ego amid his feud with her fiancé, Randall Emmett, in early 2019. The two had formerly worked together on Power, and 50 accused Randall of not paying back a $1 million loan — he later claimed that the film producer finally wired the money in April.

“Lala’s comments on WWHL does not at all warrant 50 coming for her and Randall,” our source now tells us. “Lala can’t believe he would take things to such a personal level about something that she is focused on overcoming and that millions of other people struggle with. Lala has no intention on ever apologizing to 50 for what she said on WWHL and can’t ever imagine making amends with him at this point.”

Don’t expect this feud to end with an apology on Lala’s behalf. “If anything, she feels he is the one who needs to apologize but even if he did she wants nothing to do with him ever again,” our source adds. The reality television star also slammed 50 for “cyberbullying” in a lengthy Instagram message about her sobriety, shared on Sept. 16.

“My sobriety is something I’m proud of and work on [every day]. I’ve never done cocaine nor were any other substances, other than alcohol, involved in my decision to get sober,” Lala began in her response to 50’s taunts. In the later half of her message, she added, “My mindset is something I’m grateful for — however I can’t help but think about how many people are taking their own lives, daily, due to cyberbullying. It is imperative that I tell you, you are not by yourself. I see you. I stand by you. I’m on your team. You are loved and make a difference in this world.”

Lala previously revealed that she “didn’t get sober until October 22 [of 2018]” in an April interview on WWHL. Four months later, Lala’s own boss — Lisa Vanderpump — revealed that her SUR employee was still “sober,” “happy” and “in love’ in a tweet, shared on Aug. 20.

VIDEO: Lala REACTS On People Saying 50 Cent Has Been SMASH!NG Her

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