‘Angry’ Cowboys fans boo their team like ‘never before’ at the AT&T Stadium after home playoff loss to the Packers

The home team failed to put up a solid fight against the Packers as they lost 32-48. 

The Dallas Cowboys suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of a Green Bay Packers led by Jordan Love, a QB who is a first-year starter. The game was never in favor of the home team as the Packers got off to a hot start, at halftime, the score was 22-7 and things just got worse for America’s team as the game ended 48-32 in favor of the visiting team.

Dak Prescott ended the game with 400+ yards and 3 touchdowns along with 2 interceptions. He showed up when it was too late for the team to make a comeback.

At the start of the game, the entire crowd at AT&T Stadium was booing the Packers but towards the end of the game, the boos were still as loud if not louder than at the commencement of the game. But there was one catch, this time the crowd was booing at the Cowboys and not the Packers.

After all, the team gave them high hopes and expectations just to end up getting bounced out of the playoffs in humiliating fashion. Some fans began to walk out of the game towards the end of the third quarter.

Jon Machota of The Athletic was present at AT&T Stadium throughout the game, from his description of the atmosphere, it sounded like the home crowd got hostile at the Cowboys after they failed to put up a solid fight. In many ways, they are justified in doing so. Tonight, Dallas would have been better off not showing up to the stadium than having come and played in such a horrific manner.

The Green Bay Packers shocked the NFL world with their dominant victory over the Dallas Cowboys

As much as the Cowboys deserve to be criticized for tonight’s loss, the Green Bay Packers deserve to be credited twice as much. They came into this season underdogs, after the departure of Aaron Rodgers, the team was expected to be a shadow of itself, stuck in a rebuilding phase.

However, in his very first year as a starter, Jordan Love stepped up to the plate and has shown up every single game. To go into AT&T Stadium, in front of one of the loudest crowds and some of the most passionate sports fans and to absolutely dismantle them is nothing short of great.

Dallas Cowboys

It was a rough night for the Dallas Cowboys. (via SkySports)

Dak Prescott threw 2 interceptions, one of which was returned for a touchdown, the other interception from Jaire Alexander was amazing to watch, it put his athleticism on full display. With the Cowboys season over, now begins the rough part. Adam Schefter tweeted after the game that Mike McCarthy would be judged based on how the Cowboys’ final game of the season went and that his future depended on the same.

Well, McCarthy definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed today because if he were to be judged off of tonight’s performance, there is no plausible outcome in which he returns to coach this team next season.

At this juncture, the fanbase wants him out, it was clear from the boos. Jerry Jones is frustrated with this repetitive cycle of making the playoffs and losing every year, and with McCarthy having just one year left on his contract, it is just a matter of days before the team lets him go to consider a more experienced candidate such as a Bill Belichick.

This seems unreal for Cowboys fans to experience, especially after the manner in which the team’s regular season went through. After the victory against the Philadelphia Eagles, Cowboy Nation had thought that they had overcome their biggest foe, that this was the year the team would return to the Super Bowl after almost three decades. Heading into the matchup against Green Bay, the fans and players were relaxed, they did not perceive this team to be that big a threat.

Maybe they did underestimate their opponents and once the momentum began to shift against them, the team was destroyed mentally. Dak Prescott did attempt to stage a comeback late in the second half but as is customary with this team, it was a case of too little, too late.

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