Tom Brady’s ex-teammate Chad Johnson blames Jerry Jones for Cowboys’ playoff misery over the years

Jerry Jones took over the reign’s of the Cowboys in 1989. 

A day has passed since the Dallas Cowboys had the blowout loss against the Green Bay Packers. It was an utter surprise and shock for the Cowboys team who were dubbed the favorites for the battle against the Packers. The majority of analysts predicted an easy win for the Cowboys, in reality, that did not happen.

Since then the blame game in the Cowboys camp has been going on. People called out head coach Mike McCarthy and quarterback Dak Prescott on social media. The latest name to be added to the tally is Jerry Jones, the Cowboys’ veteran owner. Chad Johnson called him out for his style of running the franchise. He blamed the veteran HC for the Cowboys’ playoff disaster.


Say his name loud and clear! That’s the problem, Jerry Jones is the reason why they can’t get past the first round.

That’s the problem! Jerry I love you, I love the way you conduct business. Go ahead and get in the background and let them boys handle their business from now on.

Chad Johnson via The Nightcap Show

There is no doubt that the Cowboys achieved a lot after Jones took over the team in 1989. Their biggest success came in the 90s when the Cowboys won three Super Bowl titles. Off the field also the Cowboys are a very successful franchise. They generate billions of revenue for Jones and are one of the biggest franchises in the world.

Despite all, the veteran owner can not shy away from the fact that the Cowboys have had a poor run under his legacy as well. They failed to win a single Super Bowl title in the past 29 years. In addition, their playoff records for the past decade are downright despicable by their legacy standards.

All eyes are on Mike McCarthy’s Cowboys future

After the horrible playoff loss, all eyes are on Mike McCarthy. There are speculations that the Cowboys will not continue with McCarthy anymore. His playcalling garnered criticism in the regular season and with the blowout loss in the playoffs, it is being said that Jones can sack him.

Mike McCarthy

Mike McCarthy (via Imago)
Though Jones preferred to remain silent on the topic, multiple players stood up in support of their HC. Among them, Dak Prescott is one. Attending the press, Prescott said that the coach did a stellar job and the Cowboys had a brilliant season because of him.

He’s been amazing. I don’t know how there can be [questions about his status], but I understand the business.

Prescott added

He also thanked the HC for the great season he had. Nonetheless, there are speculations running that the Cowboys owner can dial the number of the veteran Bill Belichick for the next HC designation.

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