There is no such thing as pants during Miley Cyrus’s concert… Miley Cyrus crazy on stage in just her Uɴᴅᴇʀᴡᴇᴀʀ

Miley Cyrus has long been known for her provocative and boundary-pushing performances, and one such instance that drew significant attention was her concert where she performed on stage wearing nothing but her underwear.

This bold fashion choice and her uninhibited stage presence are emblematic of her artistic evolution and her desire to challenge conventional norms within the music industry.

Who needs clothes? Miley Cyrus reveals she had to 'run out in her undies' as she misses her 'quick change' on Bangerz tour

During her Bangerz Tour in 2014, Miley Cyrus often incorporated risqué costumes and dramatic choreography into her shows.

Her decision to perform in underwear was seen by many as a statement of body positivity and a rejection of traditional expectations placed on female pop stars.

By stripping down to minimal clothing, Cyrus aimed to assert control over her image and express her individuality and freedom.

Not THAT many clothes to begin with: Miley's fans could have easily been forgiven for thinking a bra and pants was just another stage costume

This particular performance, characterized by high energy and provocative antics, was met with mixed reactions. Some fans and critics praised her confidence and the empowerment message behind her daring  outfit choice.

They viewed it as a celebration of self-expression and an embrace of one’s body without shame. Others, however, criticized it as inappropriate or overly sexualized, arguing that such displays detracted from her musical talents.

Outrageous: Miley certainly isn't shy when it comes to performing on stage for her latest world tour

Miley Cyrus’s concert outfits and performances often spark conversation about the role of sexuality and gender in the entertainment industry. Her willingness to push the envelope has made her a polarizing figure, but also one that consistently engages with important cultural dialogues.

Through her actions, she encourages discussions about the limits of artistic expression, the societal pressures on women to conform to certain standards, and the importance of authenticity in public personas.

Wrecking smalls: Miley Cyrus reveals she avoided being late by running on stage in her underwear after missing quick change

In the broader context of her career, Miley Cyrus’s onstage choices reflect her journey from a Disney Channel star to a mature artist unafraid to take risks.

Her performances are a testament to her commitment to breaking free from her past image and redefining herself on her own terms.

This fearless approach to performance art challenges audiences to reconsider their perceptions of normalcy, propriety, and the power dynamics inherent in the portrayal of female pop stars.

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