20 Bizarre Photos Prove That Lady Gaga Is The Most Unhinged Fashion Icon Ever

One of the most iconic and multi-talented artists of our time, Lady Gaga, with worldwide hits such as Bad Romance, Judas, and Born This Way, is also known as a composer, an actress, and above all, a fashionista.

Known as the most unpredictable and fashion-forward celebrity in the business, Gaga always knows how to steal every glance on the red carpet by rocking her most risky and unhinged costumes ever.

From the iconic meat dress to the Trojan Horse, nothing is out of bounds for the star singer.

After making her entrance in the music industry back in 2008 with her first album The Fame, Gaga has expeditiously swapped her looks at public events, one after another.

With each new album she releases, the artist never fails to keep the audience guessing which surprise she and The Haus of Gaga – the team behind her attire – might bring next.

Let’s take a look at Lady Gaga’s 20 most stunning and one-of-a-kind costumes ever that leave us speechless every time we see them.

#1. This Red Riding Hood looks a bit weird…


#2. House of Blue? More like House of Bubble.


#3. How to put on a real firework show with Gaga.


#4. It’s incredible how she can see through all that crimson patterns.

#5. Pointy stuff, comin’ through.

#6. Of course, the iconic meat dress is guaranteed a place on the list.

#7. An eggcellent display.


#8. Lady Gaga casually foreshadowed her role as Harley Quinn a decade later.


#9. Probably the hairiest costume I’ve ever seen.


#10. Remember when Gaga Lisa was a thing?


#11. The Trojan Horse recreation couldn’t get any better than this.

#12. She looks hot in this costume. Literally.

#13. We all love ourselves a grated cheese Gaga dress.


#14. Looking sharp there, Gaga.

#15. Least bizarre Gaga outfit.

 Source: Getty Images


#16. Cinderella would have a hard time running away in this getup.


#17. The sky is the limit for the artist.

#18. Gas mask and fishnets is a combo we didn’t know we need.

#19. For a moment, I thought those were her horns.

#20. Not sure which is more impressive, the hairstyle or the snake around her body?

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