VIDEO : Unexpected Flashback: Old Footage Resurfaces Showing Lady Gaga’s Unusual On-Stage Act with a Girl Vomiting on Her Chest

It’s come back up.

A clip of a woman making herself vomit on Lady Gaga during her SXSW performance in 2014 has resurfaced online — and the bile hasn’t aged well.

Gaga, 36, incorporated performance artist Millie Brown into her choreography for “Swine” at the Austin festival.

The British upchucker stuck her fingers down her throat and regurgitated a nasty green liquid on the pop star’s breasts during the set.

Gaga continued to sing without missing a beat, later sharing a nauseating robotic pig ride with Brown.

A video of the performance has gone viral again, thanks to right-wing podcaster Elijah Schaffer tweeting Thursday: “Why are we not talking about Lady GaGa having a young girl vomit on her chest during a performance?”

“Societal decay,” one Twitter user commented on the resurfaced video.

“This is sick….and not in a good way by any means,” another noted.

“Wow so deep, so artistic. These people need to go,” a third mocked.

“Things are devolving fast in that world — wow,” another user declared.

Lady Gaga featured performance artist Millie Brown, who was known for vomiting on canvases, in her 2014 set at SXSW.Twitter
Brown describes herself as a vomit artist and — before the SXSW stunt — was best known for ralphing colorful milk on canvas to produce her rainbow pieces, which she claimed sold for $20,000.

She told Vice at the time that she agreed to work with Lady Gaga after turning down other collab requests because the Mother Monster “understood what it was all about.”

“She appreciates performance art. So doing that stuff live with her, with that kind of energy from the crowd, was really amazing,” Brown explained.

“It worked really amazingly with that song and the idea of purging all that bad energy and getting rid of it.”

The shocking performance had many claiming the pop star and her featured guest were glamorizing bulimia. Twitter

Not everyone understood or supported Brown’s vision for the performance back then or now.

Pop star Demi Lovato accused Gaga of glamorizing eating disorders in 2014. “Sad… As if we didn’t have enough people glamorizing eat disorders already. Bottom line, it’s not “cool” or “artsy” at all,” she tweeted at the time.

Lovato, 30, has shared her eating disorder struggles over the years. She’s even admitted her team once “barricaded” her in her hotel room to control her binge-and-purge tendency.

Brown addressed Lovato’s criticism in her Vice interview: “We didn’t glamorize anything. All of my performances are meant to inspire viewers to question the concept of classic beauty and femininity, rather than perpetuate those standards girls and women are faced with every day; the ones that cause eating disorders in the first place.”

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