Britney Spears feels her boyfriend is the only one not judging her during public breakdown

Britney Spears is facing intense scrutiny after the hotel fight she got into with her boyfriend earlier this month, which left her with an injured ankle.

The public (and allegedly her team) are questioning Britney’s well-being, with rumors circulating that she could face another conservatorship.

While there’s a lot of concern around her boyfriend, Paul Richard Soliz, largely because of his criminal history, Britney appears to feel closer to him than ever, especially since she doesn’t feel judged by him.

Britney Spears Still Dating Controversial Ex Paul Richard Soliz | Us Weekly

Paul Allegedly Does Whatever Britney Wants

Britney Spears

“One of the reasons why she likes Paul is he doesn’t make her feel crazy, he’s easygoing and does whatever she wants,” a source told OK! Magazine.

However, the insider added that those around Britney are skeptical of the relationship. “No one around Britney thinks this guy is good for her,” they revealed. “They say he’s just telling her what she wants to hear.”

Britney Spears gets in fight with BF Paul Richard Soliz at hotel

Britney and Paul were first linked last year shortly after Sam Asghari filed for divorce from the former Disney star in August after 14 months of marriage. Reports have claimed Sam believes Britney cheated on him with an employee, who was possible Paul. He met the singer while working as a housekeeper at her home.

Though he’s no longer employed by Britney, they’ve continued seeing each other. And if it’s true Britney feels like he’s one of the only people not judging her, it may only make their bond stronger.

Paul’s Ex Called Him Out For Being An Absentee Dad

Britney Spears

Britney may think her boyfriend is a great guy, but one person who isn’t singing his praises is his ex-girlfriend and the mother of several of his children, who recently blasted him publicly for not providing for his family.

“My husband fell in Britney Spears’ p—y,” Nicola Mancilla told Daily Mail. “He was married, and now he denies his children. He neglects his children for her.” Nicole shares five children with Paul, including a baby, though he reportedly has 10 kids in total.

She claims that Paul stays mostly with Britney, even though another address is his legal place of residence. “He’s on probation, so if he officially lives at her house, they have access to searching her house,” she explained. “So, that’s why he still has an address here.”

Nicole’s mom Sandra Smith also opened up about Paul’s dynamic with his children, adding, “He has 10 kids. He doesn’t support any of them. They have a 1-year-old together, and he doesn’t even pay attention to that one either.”

“Nicole’s torn up by everything. This has been going on for five years. And he doesn’t leave her alone; he keeps coming back,” she continued. “I wouldn’t let him see the kids if it was me. She does because she wants them to have a dad. But I wouldn’t want a dad like that.”

Neither Britney nor Paul have publicly responded to his ex’s allegations.

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