Britney Spears Made $40 Million Last Year Despite Reports She’s Going Broke

Britney’s memoir and collab with Elton John helped grow her net worth, but the money may not last long.

Britney Spears Broke
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Britney Spears (left, right), dollar bills with a pink overlay (background)

Those close to Britney Spears are reportedly worried about her financial crisis, as the pop star is apparently burning through her fortune quickly now that she has full control of her finances post-conservatorship. However, she must be spending a lot, given reports that she made $40 million last year alone from her memoir sales and past music releases.

“She has earned $40 million this year,” a source told Us Weekly“There is no issue with money.”

Britney released her memoir The Woman in Me it the fall, which quickly became a best seller. She apparently made $15 million up front for the book’s release, though it’s expected she made more since sales were so high.

Britney wasn’t able to recoup any losses from her conservatorship, but her dad has had a small legal victory.

Moreover, the insider says Britney made money from her “Hold Me Closer” duet with Elton John, her perfume line, and royalties from her years-long music catalog.

While another insider admitted Britney likes to shop, she sticks to affordable names and avoids designer brands. “Britney buys a lot of clothes online,” they said. “She isn’t buying designer.” They said she “burns money” on various trips throughout the year.

However, another source told the publication that Britney’s team remains worried about her situation. “There was a plan in place when Britney’s conservatorship ended for her day-to-day life,” the third source said. “But no one followed it. The money is going out quickly.”

Their eldest son is turning 18 soon, but K-Fed still believes he’s entitled to more money from Britney.

Though Britney may have made bank last year, she’s been adamant that she has no plans to return to music, so she may only have residuals left to rely on.

The pop star has been vocal about wanting to write a second memoir, though, so she may be eyeing the million-dollar paycheck from another book. Reports say she hopes to use her platform to share about her divorce from Sam Asghari, which was finalized earlier this month despite reports he attempted to get more money from her than their prenup allowed for.

Britney’s decade-long conservatorship previously kept her fortune under tight control (she’s apparently worth $60 million). But given the singer’s erratic behavior and reports that she’s mismanaging her money, there are even rumblings that her team may try to force another conservatorship back on her.

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