Britney Spears suddenly praised her current boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz after a hotel fight. She didn’t expect her to say this.

Britney Spears feels relaxed around her current boyfriend Paul Richard and does whatever she wants

Britney Spears can do whatever she wants when shes around Paul Richard Soliz: Source

Britney Spears can do whatever she wants when she’s around Paul Richard Soliz: Source

Britney Spears finds her current boyfriend Paul Richard Soliz “easygoing” that drew the pop singer to the former housekeeper.

A source spilled to the Star magazine, “One of the reasons why she likes Paul is he doesn’t make her feel crazy, he’s easygoing and does whatever she wants.”

Britney’s friends and loved ones are not impressed by Paul because of his controversial past as he was charged with one felony and several misdemeanors in last few years.

“No one around Britney thinks this guy is good for her. They say he’s just telling her what she wants to hear,” said the insider.

The reason is that Britney’s new boyfriend was because of her latest incident that occurred at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Police arrived at the scene after worried onlookers allegedly called them to report a quarrel between Britney and Paul.

The Toxic crooner put the speculations at rest in a series of social media posts elaborating on the altercation.

“Just to let people know the news is fake! I would like respect at this time for people to understand I am getting stronger everyday!” she wrote earlier this month.

The singer clarified in another post that she didn’t have “a mental breakdown” and “injured her ankle”.

Meanwhile, Paul’s former partner Nicole Mancilla complained in her recent interview, “My husband fell in Britney Spears. He was married, and now he denies his children. He neglects his children for her.”

Paul’s mother revealed, “He has 10 kids. He doesn’t support any of them. They have a one-year-old together and he doesn’t even pay attention to that one either.”

At the time, she mentioned, “He’s a deadbeat dad. It’s difficult for me, because he doesn’t support not one kid. And they’re at my house.”

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