Iconic Style: Miley Cyrus’ Bold and Triumphant Journey

Museum-quality archival Alia, it’s just a little too good, it’s just a little… come on, let’s hear the sound.

Hi, I’m Miley Cyrus and this is my life and perspective so far. I’m in a very good mood this morning because I’m doing my favorite thing: looking at pictures of myself.

Okay, this is the Holy Bible.

You know, behind every fabulous look is a four-hour fitting, and I learned that from my time on Hannah Montana. Jeremy Scott designed this dress; we’ve been friends since then until now. He comes over to my house and we dance on the table, listening to Fergie, and his loyalty in dressing me from then until now.

I think this is the day I decided I was going to have control over what I wear, because at that time, I didn’t have as much control since I was playing a character. But as I started to understand that the magic of Hannah was actually the magic of me, I started infusing my own style into Hannah’s. But those hot pink Doc Martens, those were not my idea.

This is 2010, this was in a club in Paris. I have 200 individual hair extensions; I am serving about four Balmain belts that were my own. I wore this because I felt like it was protective, and I also felt like it was completely different from Hannah Montana’s style. So, this was my way of expressing myself as Miley and introducing myself as Miley to the world. I’ve been a character for so long, so this was the beginning of developing who Miley would be.

Miley Cyrus - 2.20.2014 Honda Center in Anaheim,CA.

This was the 2013 Met Ball. I was invited to go as a date to Marc Jacobs. James Colliardos did my makeup and Orbe Canalis did my hair. It makes me emotional because the theme was punk, and it was actually so truly punk and I wasn’t afraid to really go there, even though I knew it wasn’t going to be completely understood or accepted by everyone. That’s the point of the Met Ball, to do something that will cause conversation and possibly controversy.




This was the 2013 VMAs, this teddy bear costume was extremely controversial and made a lot of people angry. I repeat, this teddy bear costume made a lot of people angry. This was inspired by a Todd James sculpture that I had fallen in love with.

Oh, I love this. This is 2014, me and Madonna performing for MTV Unplugged, which I had creatively customized to really represent the bangers era.

Alright, we’re gonna start playing a really fun game. The game is called “Museum-Quality Archival,” and this is our first piece.

In 2023, on the cover of British Vogue, shot by Stephen Mizell. I was able to collaborate in the styling with Edward Enninful, who’s been a really good friend of mine for years and years.

That was my life and looks. Thanks for watching and keep watching, it’s gonna be good.

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