10 most attractive current WWE female superstars

Maryse is one of WWE’s many stunning competitors

Maryse is one of WWE’s many stunning competitors

In the realm of sports entertainment, a lot of fans tend to take themselves way too seriously. Whether that be down to their favorite Superstar not getting the push they desire or a match ending not being quite what they expected it to be, one way or another everyone gets emotionally invested in pro wrestling – sometimes for better, and sometimes for worse.

Which is why we’re here to look at the lighter side of professional wrestling and take a look at some of the most beautiful female superstars on the roster today. Now, we can already hear the protests that suggest we’re trying to objectify these extremely talented women, but it’s quite the contrary. We’re instead choosing to celebrate them in a way that allows us to appreciate them for one of their many traits.

In addition to their in-ring talent, their actual appearance has been something that’s been a key factor in success over the last few decades in WWE. Thankfully we’re starting to transition away from that, but we can still get into some analysis regarding just how stunning some of these women are. After all, we’re only human.

So with that being said, here are the 10 hottest WWE female superstars.

#10 Carmella

Carmella is severely underrated

Carmella is severely underrated

Carmella is indeed everything that she claims to be – fabulous. Her in ring work is slowly but surely catching up to her character development in addition to her stunning figure that leaves a lot of female fans incredibly jealous. Her athletic background has led to her becoming one of the hardest working females in all of WWE, and things will only get better from here.

She has a smile that would make her a great babyface, however, she’s also got the mic work to get herself over as an effective heel. So many people underrate her and undervalue her contributions to the company, but that’s absolutely criminal when you consider how far she’s come in such a short space of time. Push her further up the card already, WWE.

Onto a woman who many have forgotten about.

#9 Eva Marie


Will Eva ever come back?

Eva Marie isn’t a professional wrestler by nature and we don’t think that we’re offending anyone by saying that. Hell, even Eva herself would argue that case because it shows just how hard she’s worked to improve her abilities. Unfortunately, it seems as if that passion has subsided as of late, with Eva instead choosing to focus more on a career as a model/business owner.

Eva comes across as a bad girl who was purely hired for her looks, but we have to assume that she’s made some form of progress in training that would make her a useful asset on either Raw or SmackDown Live. Either way, she’s still a looker.

Did somebody say, Boss?

#8 Sasha Banks


Everyone loves The Boss

Sasha Banks has been taking names on Monday Night Raw for months now, showing off her unique look in the process. Whilst many see her as a babyface we prefer to view her character as a tweener, with the oh so obvious heel turn set to make her one of the hottest talents in all of professional wrestling – and we mean that both literally and figuratively.

Banks has an alternative look that is always going to work well with the audience, especially considering that she’s one of the most talented performers in terms of actual in-ring work. She’s still young and she’ll continue to improve, and in terms of sex appeal, she’s one of the most beneficial members of the roster. Obviously, that’s not an intended asset for WWE nowadays but subtly is the key.

Onto a good friend of The Boss – kind of.

#7 Charlotte


Charlotte Flair equals perfection

Charlotte Flair is a woman who could make your evening one of the most incredible experiences of your entire life or one of the worst. That is what is so unbelievably fascinating about her as you just know that she’d be able to kick your ass if you ever stepped out of line. In terms of the woman herself, however – she is absolutely gorgeous.

Not a lot of people read too much into that aspect of her character because of how good she is in the ring, but it needs to be appreciated. Charlotte radiates this natural beauty that makes her one of the most intriguing characters on the roster, with her smile alone being able to get her over as a babyface. Fact.

Now to a former enemy of Charlotte’s.

#6 Nikki Bella


Nikki has a lot going for her

Nikki Bella may well be one of the most divisive figures in recent memory when it comes to female WWE superstars. Many fans believe that she’s extremely overrated and doesn’t deserve her position within the company, meanwhile, others feel as if she’s worked for everything that she’s got. Whichever camp you fall into, you can’t deny her beauty.

She’s often miscast as being “fake” however even without a shred of makeup on her face she’s still more gorgeous than half of the roster on either Raw or SmackDown Live. Bella has a great figure, an excellent presence inside of the squared circle and is always willing to learn which is something that nobody can knock her for. Work ethic is important even in a list like this, and Nikki certainly possesses that.

Onto a valet for the ages.

#5 Lana


Lana really is stunning

This seems like a pretty obvious one considering how many fans adore her, but Lana deserves a place in the top five. At one point she was the most over woman on the entire roster, and throughout her entire run, people have slowly been recognising her beauty both in terms of a performer and as a person. It’s not exactly surprising, either.

She’s grown from a one-dimensional valet into one of the sexiest and most effective characters on the main roster, with one of the most simple lines of all time helping her along the way – “he is the only man that can have me”. It works so well because yes, it’s true – a lot of men would love to be with Lana both for her looks and her outstanding personality.

It’s time for the Lass Kicker.

#4 Becky Lynch


Becky deserves to be champion once again

Wouldn’t it be fun to spend a day with Becky Lynch? The fantastic former SD Live Women’s Champion has bundles of charisma and a sensational look to boot. Her stunning figure compliments her breathtaking facial features well, with her Irish accent being yet another feature that not enough people take any notice of.

Lynch is destined to be a legend in this business and it’s been obvious for quite some time now. If she can just tweak her character to the point where she gains some interest from the casual audience once again, then she’ll be on the right track in no time. In terms of looks alone, she’s easily at the top of the list when it comes to the Four Horsewomen.

Now to a woman who has foiled Becky on more than one occasion.

#3 Alexa Bliss


Bliss has done brilliantly since coming up to the main roster

Alexa Bliss is fantastic. Seriously, she’s one of the most talented performers on the roster and we aren’t just limiting that to the women. Since arriving from NXT she has improved more than anyone could have possibly imagined, to the point where she captured the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship from Becky Lynch back at TLC 2016.

It was a tremendous accomplishment for Little Miss Bliss, who is also one of the most gorgeous five-foot talents to come out of the WWE in some time. She draws comparisons to Trish Stratus and it’s not hard to see why, with her blonde bombshell gimmick working wonders as a heel. Will it translate into her once again being a good babyface sometime in the future? We’re confident the answer to that is yes.

Onto one of the most impressive additions to the blue brand.

#2 Maryse


Maryse is just too good

Before leaving the WWE Maryse was an underrated performer in the ring, however, a lot of people felt that she lacked the right kind of charisma to really succeed in the Diva’s division despite being a former champion. However, since returning the night after WrestleMania 32 she’s been one of the big reasons behind The Miz’s rise back up the ranks of WWE.

Her work as a valet has catapulted Miz into a position of relevance once again, and her impact really can’t be understated. Plus, and we don’t say this lightly – she is absolutely stunning. Seriously, her look is utterly breathtaking and it’s at the point now where it needs to be seen to be believed. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, though because her and Miz together truly are must see television right now.

We conclude with a woman who has risen up the ranks in WWE.

#1 Emma


Emma is just fantastic

From a dancing gimmick to a terminator heel to a brief stint as an old school diva – Emma has been on quite the journey in WWE. Throughout that time one thing has become more and more clear as the years have gone on, and that is that she is without a doubt the most beautiful woman on the entire roster.

The Australian beauty is slowly working her way back into the fold on Monday Night Raw, with her transformation from Emma to Emmalina not going quite as smoothly some may have anticipated. But as we enter the next stage of Emma’s career, one thing is for certain – she is utterly breathtaking and we need to see more of her on a weekly basis.

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