Alexa Bliss’ 2023 Post Ostensibly Confirms Involvement in Bo Dallas’ Uncle Howdy & Wyatt 6 Faction

It has been months since Bray Wyatt‘s unfortunate demise, but WWE is still paying the tribute that the late legend is due. The ideas that he left behind as a legacy could still record a revitalization as they continue making the headlines. The year 2024 marked the beginning of little teasers that WWE has been dropping regarding the comeback of the Wyatt family.

There have been various reports regarding the return of the ‘Wyatt 6’ and also the members who will be included in the stable. The Monday Night Raw teaser for the group seems to have been consisting of a slight hint of Alexa Bliss‘s return to WWE.

Monday Night Raw teaser paves the way for Alexa Bliss’ return

We last saw Alexa Bliss on WWE TV in 2023 during the Royal Rumble PLE. Since then, she has been on a hiatus. Every week, fans face different glitches on their screens that often reveal a QR code, scanning which contains some teaser for the rumored Wyatt 6. On Monday Night Raw this week, the image contained a mobile-clicked picture of two pieces of paper lying on the floor. The big question that the second paper asked was “Do you want to meet them?” Apart from the creepy vibes, fans can also spot some blonde hair in the bottom right part of the image. The hair in the photograph appears to be the replica of what Alexa Bliss last looked like.

The picture that she posted in 2023 shows the same color of blonde hair as the image contained. So, this is a major hint for fans that Bliss may be a part of the Wyatt 6, proving all the rumors correct. So, after all, she could be connected to Bo Dallas’ Uncle Howdy return rumors.

There was another recent teaser on Raw 05/07 that contained the same message as the one we saw on 05/13.

What could Miss Bliss and the rest of the team mean by this?

Some of the initial teasers about the group contained abstract images that were a bit more difficult to decode. Now, we have been getting creepy images and videos through the QR that point directly toward the upcoming presence of a heel stable. Last week on Raw, there was a video that contained a few scares for horror fans to enjoy. The text written over the video asked fans to not doubt ‘them’.

The image shown on 05/13 carried the same theme forward by ensuring fans that ‘they’ exist. Although the WWE has made little effort to tell us who these videos are referring to, there is a suspicion that we will get to see Bo Dallas and Alexa Bliss returning as a part of the stable, while also seeing some more faces. Do you think that the Raw QR teaser contained Alexa Bliss’s hair? Comment your thoughts below.

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