Alexa Bliss shares positive update ahead of rumored WWE Royal Rumble return

Is Alexa Bliss eyeing for a WWE return Saturday night?

Is Alexa Bliss eyeing for a WWE return Saturday night?

Alexa Bliss is one of the biggest fan-favorite WWE Superstars of today, despite being away from the spotlight for an entire year.

She last competed at the Royal Rumble event in 2023, where she contended for Bianca Belair’s RAW Women’s Championship in a losing effort. Post-match, there was even a tease for a major character change.

Cut to 2024; perhaps WWE will not continue with that angle, as it largely revolved around the late Bray Wyatt. Nonetheless, Bliss is heavily rumored as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant, albeit the speculation is from the fanbase. The 32-year-old even posted the following on Instagram earlier today:

“Workin on it … I’ll get there eventually.”

Alexa Bliss shares an update on Instagram

Alexa Bliss shares an update on Instagram

Alexa Bliss has held the Women’s Title five times in her WWE career thus far, the Women’s Tag Team Championship twice, and even became Ms. Money in the Bank. However, she has yet to win a Royal Rumble match.

Backstage update on the WWE star’s status for Royal Rumble 2024

Despite staying away for a full calendar year owing to maternity leave, Alexa Bliss has shared updates on her social media now and again. She recently posted a picture with her husband, Ryan Cabrera, and her child, Hendrix Rogue Cabrera, which garnered notice from several of her peers.

Per a new report by PWInsider, there have been no rumblings internally of a Bliss return, but that can change in a jiffy. She resides in Florida and would be able to come in at the last minute as a surprise entrant if they needed her.

For a significant portion of her WWE career, Alexa Bliss was seen with Bray Wyatt. The duo were a frightening entity on the company’s flagship show, feuding with some top stars during their time together. According to the former Women’s Champion, she “never had more fun” in her life.

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