“All praise to Triple H”, “Vince McMahon was gonna make a huge mistake” – WWE Universe believes current champion is “better than Roman Reigns”

Triple H on the left, Roman Reigns in the middle, Vince McMahon on the right

Triple H (left), Roman Reigns (middle), Vince McMahon (right) [Image credits: WWE’s official Instagram handle]

The WWE Universe recently took to Twitter as they believe a current champion’s title reign has been incredible till now. That would be Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

The Ring General has made a huge name in World Wrestling Entertainment after becoming the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion in the history of the Stamford-based company. He has managed to defend his title against some of the biggest names in the business.

WrestleFeatures’ Twitter handle recently posted that Gunther has defended his title 90 times and against 20 different opponents, which caught fans’ attention, and they started commenting on the post.

Check out some of the fan reactions below:

One fan gave props to Triple H for seeing The Ring General’s talent as they believe Vince McMahon would have made a huge mistake.

One fan wrote that they believed Gunther was a better champion than Roman Reigns.

A fan said that The Tribal Chief should take notes from the Imperium leader.

One fan wrote that Gunther should be appreciated for bringing prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship.

Another fan thought that The Ring General had made the Intercontinental Title more relevant than it had been in years.

A fan said that Gunther’s matches are always really good.

One fan hailed him as the greatest Intercontinental Champion in WWE’s history.

Another fan praised Gunther’s in-ring ability.

Another fan said that The Ring General was a better fighting champion than Roman Reigns.

Matt Morgan believes WWE will turn Gunther babyface soon

While speaking on a recent episode of Gigantic Pop podcast, wrestling veteran Matt Morgan questioned Gunther’s ability to give interviews outside of WWE.

“[Gunther only exists in the bubble of WWE fans. He’s not part of their mainstream entertainment footprint.] No. I mean, respectfully, have you seen him in interviews outside of WWE? He’s getting better at it but let’s throw me and you in the middle of Mexico and like, ‘Okay, go speak Spanish. Go.’ ‘What?! What?!'” Matt Morgan said.The wrestling veteran further added that he believes WWE will soon turn The Ring General’s character and make him a babyface.

“[Shinsuke did that Toyota with Rick Boogs going surfing and driving up the cost. Like, they fit Shinsuke and Asuka in some other stuff. It’s just interesting with Gunther that you don’t see him…] I think it’s coming. I think it will come when eventually he becomes face because how do you not respect this dude? How do you not appreciate how good he is? They’ll eventually make him face because of that I think. I think that’s when you’ll see it,” Matt Morgan said.Many fans want to see a dream match between Gunther and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 40. What the Stamford-based company has planned for the Intercontinental Champion’s future remains to be seen.

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