Brock Lesnar’s leaked UFC contract shows a unique clause on top of $1.3M+ purse that Ronda Rousey was outright denied

The details of Brock Lesnar’s UFC contract, signed on July 3, 2009, have been disclosed. For UFC 100, the WWE star was paid a static purse of $1,500,000 with no win bonuses or pay-per-view points.

However, the terms for his subsequent bouts were different, as he would earn $1,375,000, in addition to a bonus of $2 per pay-per-view buy over 700,000 pay-per-view buys, which is a larger percentage of the pay-per-view earnings afforded to other champions.

According to, in the event that Lesnar lost his title, his pay would be reduced to $750,000, with a $250,000 win bonus. However, as a non-champion, he would not be entitled to pay-per-view points. The WWE star was also afforded two hotel rooms.

His room would be upgraded to a suite if he was the champion, a luxury unique to him. Furthermore, the UFC also secured one first-class and two economy flights for Lesnar’s cornermen. Lesnar and two of his cornermen were also afforded $50 per day for three meals a day.

Lastly, he was gifted 10 tickets for each fight, which guaranteed seats within 10 rows of the octagon if he was the event headliner.

Comparing Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar’s UFC contracts

While Brock Lesnar’s contract guaranteed him a hotel suite if he enjoyed championship status, the same luxury was not extended to Ronda Rousey, despite her requests. Her initial contract with the promotion promised her a $45,000 show purse and a $45,000 win bonus.

Furthermore, Rousey enjoyed a $5,000 increase for each win while also receiving $1 for each pay-per-view buy between 200,000 and 400,000 buys, $2 for each pay-per-view buy between 400,000 and 600,000, and $2.50 for each pay-per-view buy over 600,000.

While she was denied a hotel suite, Rousey was still afforded two hotel rooms for up to 8 days before a fight, as well as one business class plane ticket and two economy plane tickets for her cornermen. Like Lesnar, she and her cornermen were also given $50 per day for meals, three meals a day.

She also received four tickets for each fight within 10 rows of the octagon. In the event that she was a headliner, she’d receive 8 tickets within five rows from the cage. Rousey’s final contract promised her a flat $3,000,000 purse (with no win bonus) for title fights.

In addition to her previous pay-per-view bonuses, her final contract also promised her $3 per each pay-per-view buy between 600,000 and 900,000 buys, and $4 per buy over 900,000. In the event of no title fight or championship status, she was to earn a flat $500,000 purse with no win bonus or pay-per-view points.

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