Bruno Mars Abruptly Cancels Sold Out Concert In Israel After ‘Militant’ Group Launches Attack Killing More Than 200 Civilians

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Abruptly Cancels Sold Out Concert In Israel After ‘Militant’ Group Launches Attack Killing More Than 200 Civilians

War has broken out in Israel.

According to reports, the Middle Eastern country recently suffered a strategic attack causing numerous casualties, as well as the cancellation of a performance by Bruno Mars.

Bruno Mars

Reportedly, Bruno Mars was scheduled to have a concert in Tel Aviv on Saturday (October 7th), which was indefinitely postponed in light of the assault. Live Nation Israel announced that the show would not move forward the day the performance was to be held. A translated version of the post reportedly reads:

“Dear customers, Bruno Mars concert scheduled to take place tonight is canceled,” a translated Instagram statement from Live Nation Israel read on Friday. “All ticket purchases to the show will receive an automatic refund to the credit card through which the purchase was made. We strengthen the residents of Israel, IDF fighters and the security forces in these difficult moments.”

The canceled show was reportedly one of two concerts that Mars, real name Peter Hernandez, scheduled in the country over the past week. It’s noted that the Grammy Award winner held a concert two days prior, right before Israel was struck by missiles. In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, over the weekend, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly declared the country was at war following a “murderous surprise attack” from a Palestinian militant group. Officials claimed they were hit from air, land, and sea “while approximately 2,200 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip. There have been reportedly over 200 casualties thus far.

Additionally, it’s been reported that the group responsible for the attack, Hamas, “took hostages and prisoners of war.” Reversely, Al Jazeera reported that they’ve also suffered more than 200 casualties due to a counterattack, that is said to have injured around 1,600 more civilians. It seems the current battle is a result of a longstanding conflict between Israel and Palestine over who has the right to claim the city of Jerusalem as their capital.

While Mars hasn’t publicly commented about the war or canceled concert, he did take to his X account (formerly Twitter) with a simple prayer hand emoji. It’s noted in one report that the singer was also scheduled to perform in Qatar on October 8th. It seems, however, that he opted to leave the Middle East amid the conflict entirely and was reportedly replaced by DJ Snake.

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