Emma Watson Reportedly Stopping WB’s Plan to Resurrect $9.58B Harry Potter Franchise With Cursed Child Movie

Emma Watson Reportedly Stopping WB's Plan to Resurrect $9.58B Harry Potter Franchise With Cursed Child Movie

Well, the rumors seem to be indeed true that the Harry Potter universe is about to expand further beyond its 8-part world. Emma Watson, one of the most iconic actors on Earth known for portraying Hermione Granger throughout the franchise, seems to be opposing this plan.

According to speculations and rumors, Watson seems to be against the idea of a Harry Potter reboot wherein WB plans to make it into 7 seasons! This plan has created some high controversies on the internet since people can’t let go of the originality that the movies possessed!

Emma Watson and Tom Felton at the HBO Max Harry Potter Reunion

Emma Watson and Tom Felton celebrate their reunion on Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts

Emma Watson Is Against A Harry Potter Reboot!

As if the Fantastic Beasts franchise wasn’t enough (which it wasn’t), Warner Bros. Discovery now plans to reboot the entire octology that the 2000s kids will surely remember into a modern 7-season series. According to the reports, J.K. Rowling is on board the plan alongside other actors but what seems to be a hindrance is notable and iconic actor Emma Watson.

Emma Watson at the Little Women premiere

Emma Watson at the Little Women premiere.

It’s that time of the week again when the host John Rocha and insider Jeff Sneider sit down for a chat and talk about all things pop culture. As is their tradition, Sneider and Rocha discussed all things controversial and rumored, and naturally, the Harry Potter reboot fell into their spectrum.

Talking about the supposed reboot, John Rocha said that the matter was truly controversial since people felt that a reboot was not necessarily required. Jeff Sneider, however, took the topic in a different direction when he talked about a sequel adaptation of the Cursed Child book into a movie!

“I heard that there had been talk of a Cursed Child movie. But there were problems, they didn’t want to work with J.K. Rowling. Then it was particulart hard to get Emma [Watson] and Daniel [Radcliffe] back”

Sneider further emphasized that it was particularly Emma Watson that was the toughest to get back in.

“Particularly Em. Emma is the toughest one to get back into this.”

Jeff Sneider further pointed out that the only reason for Watson’s revolt was J.K. Rowling’s controversial anti-trans tweets that made the actor and the author cross paths and never look back.

Will The Cursed Child Be Released Without Emma Watson?

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter franchise.

Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint in the Harry Potter franchise.

As the video delved further into the topic, Sneider revealed that the plan was to release the Cursed Child movie and then a reboot of the entire Harry Potter universe would take place. The actor even stated that Warner Bros. Discovery outbought J.K. Rowling since she was indisposable to the project.

“So, it’s gonna be her [J.K. Rowling] and she’s not going anywhere, all due respect to Emma Watson or whatever. And then they will reboot it because that is what J.K. Rowling is willing to agree to”

While crushing every classic movie that Hollywood has been rebooting over the years, it seems that a Harry Potter reboot is imminent. Although nothing has been confirmed yet, there are several insider talks and leaks that a reboot of the Harry Potter universe will indeed take place. The question that remains however in the end is…will Emma Watson be a part of it?

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