It is suspected that King of Pop Michael Jackson is still alive based on his daughter’s selfie

True or false, I don’t know which is true. Is the world’s King of Pop really still alive?

In June 2009, the whole world was shocked to receive the news that the King of Pop Michael Jackson breathed his last at his home. But now perhaps the world will be shaken again if the rumors and evidence that Michael Jackson is actually still alive are true!

Controversy is being raised over the selfie taken in the car of the King of Pop’s daughter Paris Jackson, which has raised many questions and debates about the shadow figure sitting in the back seat of the car being Michael Jackson. regeneration.

This photo was uploaded by Paris back in May. If you just look at it, this is just a very normal photo with her sunny smile as the center. But it wasn’t until yesterday (September 4) that people who followed her account really noticed and got into an intense debate about whether the shadow in the back seat was a ghost or a person, and it was creepy. Rather, everyone is thinking that maybe it is her late father?

The most asked questions for anyone looking at this photo closely will certainly be “Who is the person sitting in the back seat?” and the answer to this difficult question is still just wonder, doubt or not knowing what the truth is. Thousands of speculations have been made, flooding Paris’s personal page. Some people believe, some don’t believe, some firmly affirm, but there are also people who think it’s stupid to think like that, but it cannot be denied that many of us are still secretly hoping. that the truth is that the world’s King of Pop is still alive.

Previously in May, there was also a video created with images of the late male singer in crowds in many different locations with his face disguised to look different to confirm that he was is still alive and the death 7 years ago was just fake. At that time, this video also said that Michael was currently hiding in Canada or some African land and with the curiosity of thousands of fans, this video attracted more than 870,000 views.

There is a lot of speculation and a lot of evidence, but in the end, only insiders know whether the King of Pop Michael Jackson is really alive or not!

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