Janet Jackson Reveals Why Michael Jackson’s Death Was Planned (VIDEO)

Unraveling the Mystery Surrounding Michael Jackson’s ɖєɑʈħ

Michael Jackson’s untimely ɖєɑʈħ in 2009 remains shrouded in controversy, with persistent claims that it was a carefully orchestrated setup rather than a tragic accident. Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter for administering the drug propofol, which led to the pop icon’s demise.

Despite Murray’s conviction, some of Jackson’s family members, including Janet and LaToya Jackson, believe that he was merely a “fall guy” and that larger forces were at play. LaToya asserted that her brother had repeatedly expressed concerns about someone plotting against him, particularly regarding his valuable music catalog.

Adding fuel to the conspiracy theories, Kanye West also hinted at foul play on Twitter, referencing Jackson’s past feud with Sony CEO Tommy Mottola. Jackson had accused Mottola of unethical practices within the music industry, raising suspicions about the extent of powerful figures’ involvement in his demise.

Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson Separated While Filming 'Scream' Video

Moreover, claims have circulated that the Illuminati targeted Jackson due to his ownership of the Beatles’ catalog and perceived rebellion against the secret society in his music video for “Black or White.” Allegedly, the Illuminati sought to eliminate Jackson by fabricating child molestation allegations, orchestrating a trial, and ultimately planning his ɖєɑʈħ when legal proceedings did not go as planned.

The controversy extends to suggestions that individuals seeking control over Jackson’s assets manipulated his will. Paris Jackson, Michael’s daughter, has publicly expressed her belief in a setup, emphasizing that “all arrows point to that.” She hopes for justice and remains vigilant, acknowledging the complexity of the situation.

While some conspiracy theorists argue that Jackson may still be alive, citing alleged sightings near the Mexico border, no concrete evidence has emerged to support this claim. The debate surrounding Michael Jackson’s ɖєɑʈħ persists, leaving fans and skeptics alike questioning the circumstances and the possibility of a carefully crafted conspiracy.


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